Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dance And Love

Olivia writes love notes. She is like her Mom and her uncles, words of affirmation are very important to her, and she is so generous with them. I often am the lucky recipient of sweet notes of love and encouragement. Last week when she came hopping down the stairs for Musical Theater with her bff Elyssa, she handing me a beautiful letter all dolled up. In it she written:
Dear Mommy, I love you! You are my sunshine gal. I hope you never change! You are the best Mom I could ever have. I never, never want you to change!!!!!
Things like that just make the world go round.
Last night after a very long day of teaching tiny dancers who really, really did not want to cooperate and then stressing at a primary meeting about the logistics of the upcoming primary program with our 162 parts, I came home and climbed in bed only to find a little paper from KJ that said simply, in his best penmanship, "I love Mom."
Helped me smile my cares away!
I am so lucky, because "words of affirmation" is my NUMBER ONE, complete, almost sum-total love language. Kind words are like balm on my soul. I love to give and receive them, and happily, so do my children. They are snuggle bugs and simply hang on words of love. This works out great for us! Something funny, on Sunday while we were waiting for parents to come get their kids from senior primary (this is a rule in our ward, as our building is right by the temple and we get some interesting characters), my counselors were shepherding at the door and I was trying to keep everyone calm and happy. Then I hear Katelyn at the microphone "I love you soooo much, Mommy!" Pretty cute and pretty disruptive. :)
Last week at dance I had the most hilarious conversation with one of my seven-year-olds. She hung around a little after class to grill me with her many curious questions. Finally she asked "How old are you?" I smiled and answered enthusiastically "30!!" She looked at me for a minute then put her hand on her hip and said "Well, my Mom is six years older then you, if that makes you feel any better!" Ha ha ha!!! This really cracked me up and she got a big hug as we headed upstairs. I didn't realize I needed to feel any better about it, but I guess I'm glad for the support!!

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Tara said...

So glad you made it back! I've missed you. :) It looks like you had a great time. Maybe someday we can stop by and you can show us the sites.