Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This morning was KJ's parent teacher conference. I love my kid. He is doing well, and even the math report (I was quite frightened of this one) wasn't bad. He just needs to keep working and trying. He is a stud. His biggest problem is the teacher will be teaching and look over at him and he's reading! Turned to the side a little so she "won't see him," his nose in a book. I had to laugh! That is so me -- and is why I can't really divide today. We talked about that, and I asked him to please refrain from doing that. He said "Well, I'll try, Mom -- but no guarantees."
Really??? No guarantees??
I told him yes, guarantees, please. He just explained that sometimes it is really hard because his book is at an exciting part, but he will TRY. Oh, brother! That kid. He kills me!
His teacher told me something great. I loosely quote her here: "I love having KJ in class, he is such a great kid! He is so friendly. He is literally friends with every single person in class -- they all love him! He's just a great boy."
Thank you, teacher. Melt my little Mother heart. I was so happy to hear that.
Outside of class, some of their work was displayed. And KJ's story made me SO PROUD. It was his best work I have seen -- great penmanship, great punctuation, fabulous story. I took pictures so I could include it here.

True Story
(I was in Utah visiting my family and friends)
Written by KJ
Illustrated by KJ

Me and my cousin Addie were at my friend's house. Twenty minutes it was time for me to go. I was running down the stairs when my back started to itch. I told my Mom that my back was itchy. She looked at my back and she said that I broke out in hives. In my head I said this is bad. My Mom asked my aunt for some medicen. "Yuck!" It tasted awful. And we went to the store bought some medicen. Right after the store, I had to take a shower after my shower it was time for me to take the medicen. When it was time to eat dinner everybody loved it because my grand mother makes the best diners ever. After diner it was time for bed. In the morning the disease traveled to other parts of me. I had to go to the doctor and the doctor told us it was not serius. I was playing with Addie and Rylee. I know you might think I might not be able to play with Rylee. But we knew that she did not give me the disease. Then we started to build sand volcanos in Addie's sandbox.

Hahahahahahaha!!! I told you, a work of genius.
Honestly, so proud. And I don't know which is my favorite part, is it "In my head I said this is bad?" or "Everybody loved it because my grand mother makes the best diners ever?" or "I know... but she did not give me the disease?!" It's all just so epic.
I truly love that kid.

This morning I read a blog post from "Mitchell's Journey," which just totally slays me anyway. I totally cried, like always. But these few lines really touched me and reminded me of who I want to become:
"Now, as I look to my own hands, I promise to use them to bind wounds and never be the cause of them; to use them to build and not destroy, to love and not hate."
Now is the day to become who I want to be.

Love and hugs to all.

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