Monday, November 11, 2013

Down With Birthday Parties

Well, Bob turned 10. It was a fun -- pretty much two day -- celebration, since I had to teach classes on his actual big day. He went on his zoo fieldtrip and I wrapped up his lunch with bright birthday paper and he had a great time. This is the next day when we got him out of school for his birthday lunch:
He loved the one on one time, and we were so lucky, Daddy was able to get home in time! It was super fun, and he loved it. After that we got to go pick his lego set, so all was right with the world.
This is KJ in his new Chiefs hat from Grandma and Grandpa watching a video message my niece Bella made for him. It is the absolute cutest thing ever and pretty much put us all into convulsions of cuteness. Even last night Katelyn mentioned it in family prayer: "And thankful that Bella sing happy birthday to Bubba, and she so cute!" Really. It made our collective day:
In a tragic strategic mistake, I allowed myself to be talked into a birthday party... terrible, worst idea ever, never to be repeated! Yes, I WANT to be the cool Mom -- yet definitely, I do NOT WANT to be the cool Mom. Normally we have our kids pick a friend or two join us to go out for their birthday dinner, and we are all delighted. But this year KJ needled and wheedled and got three friends to come over for a movie night. Nightmare!!! I love children. I really do. And I spend most of my week literally surrounded by them between primary, babysitting, and my classes. And I love it. But this was simply beyond my abilities. Glug, glug, glug. (Side note: I had lots of birthday parties as a kid, so it's not like this deformity was bred into me. For my eighth birthday, every girl in my class slept over. I do not understand how my parents did it, but they were obviously insane!!! They win the parenting award. I am merely a shadow of their birthday party glory.)
We survived. He had fun, so... hope he remembers it forever. NEVER AGAIN!!! 
And now you know the truth about us. You're welcome.
Yesterday afternoon Kate came in for a Daddy snuggle and ended up like this: 
Painfully cute? I think so. She even drooled all over him. Daddy LOVED it. He was absolutely pleased as punch. So cute. 
Last night the missionaries did a little "Member MTC" and they asked me to come help them with the primary kids. So Kaje, Livi and I headed out into the wilderness. The kids had fun, and the sisters just about collapsed at the end with mumblings of "How do you do this???" Ha ha ha!!! Got this classic picture on the way out. I just never, never get tired of the beauty of that temple. Makes you stop and appreciate, that is for sure!  
Snow flurries forecast today.
That's right. This is my life.
You are loved.
The end!!! 

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Ducksoup said...

i have yet to throw braden a friend party and he'll be turning just made me feel better though. maybe i'll just forget about it and quit feeling guilty. love yah. loved the picture of your kids laughing at bella's video. adorable.