Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Missionaries and Eyeballs

Last night we had the Elders for dinner. This worked out marvelously -- I had no idea it would work out this way when I signed up a few weeks ago -- but it was actually the night before transfers and we found out our greenie, Elder Butz, is being transferred! This made us sad, but we felt lucky we got him for his last dinner here. He was so sweet. He said he felt like it was a blessing to him, because we are his "favorite" (his words, not mine, ha ha!) and he wanted to be able to say goodbye. Sigh. That warmed my pea-pickin' little heart. It's really the kids that have the Elders wrapped around their fingers, especially Kate the Great -- they LOVE Kate the Great and her very vigorous high fives. Elder Andrus will be training again -- his third time in a row. 
Elder Butz, Elder Andrus, and Three Chickens 
Seriously. Love the missionaries and love to see them hastening the work. Plus, it's just so funny to listen to the conversations they have with the Double B -- boys. I just can't relate. It's like they're speaking Klingon or something.
Yesterday afternoon I had my eyes screened for Lasik -- my drooling ambition. I had to wear my glasses for three days, an unholy nightmare for me (because I'm a huge baby and I despise limited vision and tired eyes), and then I went for like a two and a half hour adventure of screenings, imaging, exams, blah blah. It was super interesting and I was thrilled to find out I'm like the x-man quality specimen (my words) for Lasik. However; the worse your eyesight the more expensive the procedure. I am blind as a bat. And -- ha ha -- even with the 15% off from insurance, it would be $4,200 to give me perfect eyesight! Um... hm... well, our flex spending account doesn't quite cover THAT. This is one of those scenarios: do the children eat, or do I see like Wolverine? But still -- one day, man. ONE DAY. All of my friends that have had it say it is so life changing. It does appear (ha ha, pun there) like a totally awesome thing. ONE DAY. Here is some great information: as he was looking at my retinas he explained that they look great and some of the problems that lead to macular degeneration. I told him my maternal grandmother suffered through that, and he decided to take a more thorough look, because by my ripe old age of thirty, he would be able to see if that was going to be a problem in my future. I am so happy to say he said all the mechanics of my eyes look beautiful and there is no trace of it (big relief!) but he gave me a great suggestion, which I will pass to my cousins in the world. He explained that while genetic, UV rays are also very damaging to the eyes and a big contributor to macular degeneration. Especially if you have fair skin, fair eyes, and fair hair (bulls eye), he said it is critical to protect your eyes with sunglasses any time you spend in the sun. I honestly, truly didn't know that. I just thought sunglasses were stylin' and convenient, but they are also a huge protection for your old age eyes. Awesome info to have. Especially for a sun lover like me. So I will be purchasing (and wearing) some shades. Look for me on fashion magazines everywhere.
My eyes are still tired and a little sensitive from the hard work and being dilated, etc., and finally having their beloved contacts back. I will be nice to them today. I love you, eyeballs. Thank you for all you do!!!
The Double B's manager has been sending him home the last three shifts or so. He hits 11 hours and she kicks his bum out of the building. Tells him to GO HOME. And he does, and I've been amazed at what a difference it has made! Something about living within the limits of your own body. I love her for that. Team Debbie all the way! Only two and a half weeks before that blessed event of Thanksgiving and things relax again for a few days. I am so proud of my man. He is really something special.
The End.

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Ducksoup said...

so cool no problems of macular degeneration with your eyes. make sure you buy some good sunglasses that protect against UV rays - - got mine at costco. the cheap sunglasses don't really work. i love you die! have a great day!