Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Isn't Tucker A Cool Name? And Kris Kringle?

We've been busy little beavers the last few days, because as everyone knows, November 15th is the day you pull out all the stops and put up Christmas lights outside and start planning your tree (believe me, talking my Christmas=HappyHappyJoyJoy Husband back from November 1st is a feat. But I like that about him, really).
It started last Thursday when we got a package from the North Pole -- literally. I did not send it, and the return address said North Pole (you can see the downstairs is furniture free. Every week we pull it out for dance classes then push it back in. Easy enough and make-it-do is our style, man). There was some pretty great excitement to see what the North Pole was SENDING to US! 
And Dude. It was this sign covered in Santa pictures that says "Believe." So take that, 4th grade Doubters in KJ's class! You've been schooled by the man himself!!! 
It holds a special place on the mantel. Poor Thanksgiving decorations. I even had a SPECIFIC Thanksgiving motif this year, I was so proud of myself.. Too bad, turkeys! You come too late this year to hold your spot!
Here's my boyfriend, putting up lights:
We spent a great deal of time at our favorite store, Home Depot, picking out the PERFECT set of lights (after lots of comparison shopping. And I'm not joking. This is serious business!). They're the new fancy bright LED's that all the kids have these days and we are actually IN LOVE with them(notice the capitals, people. It's serious.)! They have purple. That's right. Purple. Sigh of happiness!
We put the tree up last night (artificial all the way, man). We had lots of happy helpers. And yes, Kate appears to be having a Melvin issue. This is a recurring issue she deals with. She is very brave about it!
Adjusting the all-important star 
Tonight we put up our $8 "garage sale gold" pre-lit tree downstairs. It was better then we'd hoped. A total coup! The children were literally Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. For real. 
And we put up our last few bulbs upstairs, adjusting to make sure all the spaces were filled. We had fun and Daddy made some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese while the kids and I finished up, because it was the right thing to do. 
Holidays. Hurray!
The Double B was off today and is tomorrow as well (his final breath before the turkey gauntlet descends). We went to the dentist (our friend Tucker) and I learned they will have NO PROBLEM taking care of the rest of our flex spending account. And if only we had twice as much again, ha ha! All me, of course. Double B is cavity free. Again. Once a dental tech told him he had "virgin teeth," and he is so proud of that title. Apparently my teeth are easy -- veritable hussies! Me and my special teeth. I love them and appreciate their efforts in my behalf. And I love having a dentist I can warn to not judge me or we won't invite him over to roast marshmallows, or that I can encourage to stay away from dental terrorists. We then took our accosted teeth (why does a cleaning hurt so danged much? Then they're just weird all day) for a little lunch date and I reminded the Double B that December 4th is coming right up, and that is the day the kids and I arrived in this 2.5 million people city. We've almost made it a year! I am proud of us. Not because tons of people don't move and thrive every day all over the world, but because it is our own personal journey and... I am proud of us. We are here and we are stronger then we have ever been as a family and as a couple! So I want to do something special -- go out for a fancy dinner and celebrate. He thought that was a great idea! I'll look forward to it. We've all grown a lot on this here custom-made adventure.
P.S. My new toothbrush is orange. I love having an orange toothbrush! Makes me feel like a rebel.  

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