Monday, November 25, 2013


 Saturday we tried to go on an adventure to do some Thanksgiving shopping, but we only made it to Target before everyone waved the white flag of unequivocal surrender. It was the short end of FREEZING LIKE THE DEVIL HAD A HAND IN IT. I hate the cold. I dislike it so much that it is actually categorized as hate. And I don't handle it well at all. In fact, every person on earth handles it better then I do, because it reaches 23 degrees at two in the afternoon with high humidity and a cutting wind I just run, run, run while screaming "I hate this! I hate this!" even if my children are with me.
What kind of childhood are these people having?? Should I be concerned???
I was not meant to live like this. Give me liberty or give me death! Seriously, Double B, you can't keep me here forever -- or any winter hole of the earth. Why not Arizona? What the heck is wrong with Arizona!??!
On our return Katelyn was having several issues with several things, so I finally convinced her to just come have a snuggle with Mommy. It only took a minute before I heard the sweetest, most delicious snoring beside me:
Ah, Motherhood. You make everything awesome!
Yesterday Katelyn was so proud of her church pigtails she had to send a picture to Daddy at work: 
He loved it, naturally. Because Daddy's two little girls have him whipped. He is their #1 fan, so easily manipulated. And I love to watch it. Super cute. 
The Double B is pulling monster shifts and has had some issues -- to be expected -- but is handling it like a champ! I am so proud of the super star leader he is becoming! I think he is learning to compartmentalize the stress. He goes to work before we wake up, comes home at bedtime, eats, and falls asleep, ha ha. But only for three more days and then he gets a week or two to breathe again! I so appreciate all he sacrifices for our family. He is a superstar. And I am pretty excited to have my buddy back, myself. Who do I tell my trivial things to if he's not there, I ask you?
Happy Monday!

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Ducksoup said...

that picture is to die for! go ben go! so glad he is handling all that stress so well. i bought some peppermint bark at the orem bakery costco and murray bakery's costco's peppermint bark is much better. is that in my head? am i just pregnant? please do ask the double b if that's possible. happy thanksgiving to you. you are cooking the entire meal, right? that is crazy. go marie go. you have come so far in the cooking world. we had canned soup for dinner. i have not made great strides. love you!