Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This morning as I was dropping the kids off at school Olivia and I had the most interesting conversation. I'd been giving my usual reminders of love and "helpful" advice. As they were climbing out of the car I reminded them to keep a prayer in their heart and that they could pray to Heavenly Father anytime. Olivia turned back to me, and in quite a confessional tone said "Mom, once I prayed in the bathroom!" I told her that was okay. So she raised her eyebrows clear to the sky and gasped "Even when you're going POOOTTTY?" I said yes, if she really needed Heavenly Father when she was going potty, she could still pray to Him then. She paused, nodded her head sagely, and headed off into the school.
That has given me my chuckles this morning. But it is, in fact, true. I kept thinking of Amulek, reminding us to pray in our closets and our secret places. I guess she's getting the message!
Speaking of Olivia, she was cracking me up yesterday, too. I might as well just follow her around with a tape recorder, because pretty much everything she says could be kept for the history books. Yesterday she was wearing her polka dot shirt that she feels so glamorous in. She kept standing in front of the long mirror in my room, turning side to side and admiring herself in different poses (my favorite part of any day, really). Finally she turned to me, sighed happily and said "I just look so jazzy in this outfit!"
Then last night as she was helping me by stirring the pasta for dinner we had the following conversation:

Liv - Mom, you know my boyfriend Ryan?

Mom - Wait, you have a boyfriend?!

Liv - Of course! You know that! You know, Ryan from up the street?

Mom - Oh, yeah. Well, I didn't know you'd made it official.

Liv - Mom, a long time ago!!!

Mom - Oh. Should I be planning a wedding?

Liv - Of course not! You've got to plan a hot date for us, first!

KJ interjected in the conversation at this point, concerned that Olivia and Ryan were getting serious. He reminded her she wants to marry someone who is a member of our church. She countered back that Grandpa wasn't always a member of the church, or Aunt Sil, but they got baptized! (Is she planning a major missionary effort with Ryan here??) I was really enjoying this conversation. KJ reminded her she can't even date until she's a lot older, like, a teenager! I said that was true, not until they are 16, but they can't have a boyfriend/girlfriend until older then that. They were both shocked! I reminded KJ that he doesn't want a girlfriend until he's home from his mission and Olivia that she doesn't want a boyfriend until she's done with high school (not sure that sounded so good to her). This actually opened a great little mini discussion about falling in love and wanting to be at a place where you can actually MARRY the person you love. They nodded along and I had lots of smiles while making dinner.
Kids are the best.

Love being a Mom!!!

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Ducksoup said...

so cute rie. sounds like you and the kiddos have been having some very important conversations lately. glad they finally know when they can start dating. love you girl! thought of ben on thursday wondering if he'd survived...and you.