Monday, December 9, 2013

16th Tooth

KJ randomly lost a molar last night. Anytime he has a loose tooth, he absolutely CAN NOT sleep until that baby comes out, which at the rate he loses teeth -- is a lot of lost sleep. He informed me right away it is his 16th tooth lost. Which is pretty much amazing he knows stuff like that, but since he is KJ, there is absolutely no room to doubt him. That kid has a memory that would probably astound scientific minds. I'm still waiting for him to tell me about the day he emerged from a dark tunnel into blinding light, leaving his warm watery home behind.

When I went upstairs to check on him an eternity later, I found this note for the tooth fairy, which just  melted my heart and cracked me up. Naturally, I had to write it down before the tooth fairy came to pick it up. It says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
The tooth I just lost became loose three days ago I had to get it out. It is the sixteenth tooth I lost.
Please leave a note if you are Mormon or not
Please leave a dollar
Merry Christmas

I thought that was just so quirky, and so very, very KJ. Who else would be curious about if their personal tooth fairy shares their religion or not? Only that kid. Really.
Amazingly, the good ol' Tooth Fairy left a note back to him -- I think she learned from the last time that Olivia lost a tooth and left a note that if she does NOT leave a note back, it leads to great disappointment and confusion. The Tooth Fairy thanked KJ for his lovely note, and congratulated him on the loss of his 16th tooth. We learned that she also likes to keep track. And that she is Mormon, just like him!

First thing in the morning he crawled into bed with me, clutching his dollar and note and staring intently at me, willing me awake. Everyone was so excited he got a response back, and on a tiny card! He came to his own wise conclusion, that he thinks probably since everybody's tooth fairy is different, they are probably each the religion of the person they serve, don't you think? I thought that sounded very wise.
I love so many things about my sweet little boy in a giant's body. But his believing heart just melts mine. Love him so.

I know Southern Utah has been socked with snow, which is fairly amazing, and so have we, which is not fairly amazing, but is very annoying. We are at or near zero for days and it will be a few days crawling back out of it -- which really, blah blah blah. This is Kansas City, Missouri, so wake up and smell the hot chocolate. It's just driving that I don't like. But so far I have braved the trip to school twice and Heavenly Father and I have had lovely conversations the whole way, ha ha. So thankful I have him to get me through!
The Double B and I (mostly me) have been watching Friday Night Lights every night before we go to bed, and unfortunately, I now spend most of my nights dreaming about football and, in preparation for Christmas, doll furniture.
It's a weird brain I have.
Have a good one, friends.


Ducksoup said...

cute rie! cute k.j. he is so darling. are you a mormon? i love that. good luck with the cold. i hate it and want to head south ASAP. you should meet me.

Matt said...

Everyone knows the Easter bunny is Mormon and converted the tooth Fairy after she quite smoking and cohabitating with Jack Frost. Just saying. They are now sealed in the Temple and live in the neighboring stake.