Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cardboard Box

A few nights ago I was texting with my little brother Nick (who is almost 28 -- #sparklebarf -- so not really little, but it seems like if I call him "younger" I will lose points in our imaginary power struggle). Life was kind of going on around me and the children were playing with a big cardboard box we had received a package in. I should clarify that Olivia has a real passion for cardboard boxes -- she likes to make them into a mural and live in them for awhile while beautifying the things. This seems like a noble pursuit, so I encourage it. Naturally, Katelyn also has a passion for cardboard boxes -- because Olivia does. This particular night Olivia had graciously let Katelyn sit inside the cardboard box to try it out while Liv drew on the outside. When... split. It slit down the side. Olivia, who really doesn't overreact very often (not nearly as much as her Mother), but when she does, REALLY overreacts, took this split very hard. She started wailing, holding in screams of disbelief, and otherwise enjoying herself. At this same time that she came down to tell me all about how horrible Kate was, Nick sent me a precious little picture of his precious little daughter Bella -- being adorable -- because that is what Bella does. In my arms was little miss hysterical, so naturally, I took this picture and sent it to him with the byline "Kate wrecked Liv's cardboard box. As you can see, life is over:"
Olivia felt great satisfaction knowing her misery was being documented for Uncle Nick, whom she loves like crazy, and tells me all the times variations of how cute he was when he was little (unusual, I know. But he was an exceptionally cute little boy, I will give him that).
Uncle Nick responded by sending this picture with the caption "That makes me so mad!" 
And seriously, she was cured. She just knew Uncle Nick would understand! She sighed in relief, said something along the lines of "I feel better since he's mad at Katelyn," and hopped off my lap.
Seriously. Little girls. You just have to laugh.
Last night I was telling my Mom about how Olivia believes that I blow kisses into our food when I'm cooking. This is true. Whenever she is really enjoying dinner, she says "That's because it is cooked with love!" Or asks "Did you blow lots of kisses into this, Mom?" She also really, really loves to be the "assistant chef" while we do a pretend cooking show while cooking dinner, and sometimes she'll ask me things like "Is this when you blow the kisses in?" Or "Is it time to blow in the kisses?" Naturally I tell her yes, and she blows several kisses into the pot. Isn't that one of the sweetest things in the whole world? Olivia has such a magical way about her.  
Last night after teaching my classes, I plopped down on the couch for a few minutes before bedtime, totally worn out. You know how this is. KJ and Olivia were building Legos and watching America's Funniest Home Videos with the Double B in our bedroom, and Katelyn wandered out and wanted to snuggle. It only took a few minutes before she got heavy and warm, and soon enough, was snoring softly. It was just such a lovely feeling. I couldn't resist at all, it was just such a treat to have my little one so comfortable and snug. So bedtime got extended... and extended... and extended! Ha ha! KJ and Olivia were happy to get to stay up an extra hour and a half. But she was so sweet. Love that crazy girl. Being a Mom is cool. 

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