Monday, January 27, 2014

Now You're All Caught Up

Testing out the new couches at Costco during our Saturday lunch date with Daddy -- Olivia has decided she wants to get this couch for her Dad for Valentine's Day. I suggested chocolate, but she turned that idea down in favor of the white leather sectional. Go for it, Liv.
It's 6 degrees right now. It's warmed up a little bit. We just keep getting Arctic-ed. But that's whatever... I just wake up a whole lot of mornings and check the news to read "Dangerously cold temps again this morning." I'm fine with that. Winter. Whatever. Not much moisture -- in fact, we haven't really gotten any real precipitation since Christmas time. So our two winters here couldn't be more different. Last year we were buried under feet of snow with no ice storms and it was cold but not life threatening, shall we say. This year we've had three ice storms, lots of "freezing drizzles," single digits or below like a million days, and not much snow. I don't know what to make of this, exactly, but I think the Midwest is just kindly trying to show us all of it's colors. Plus, I know to get THAT much snow like we did last year was very unusual. It was a winter miracle just for us, I guess (and soooo appreciated)!
Last night I had a truly insane dream that the Double B started heavily drinking when he would wake up in the night (his curse in life -- insomniac) and pretty much became an alcoholic. This is an unusual dream since... you know... we're Mormons and don't drink alcohol. But last night, he did! And it was totally ruining our whole life. This is the text I sent him this morning: "I had one of my worst dreams ever last night! I dreamt you started drinking when you woke up at night and would arrive at work drunk!! No matter how I begged, cried, yelled, or threatened, you didn't care and wouldn't stop!!! I was happy to wake up. Moral: Just say no!!!" This is the text I got back: "Oh Marie!!!!!"
So that pretty much sums things up.
My dentist is in my ward, so yesterday I cornered him in the hallway to demand answers on my evil toothache (actually, he came and found me and asked how my tooth was, so he's just a really nice guy, but whatever). He listened to my descriptions and nodded with that "I'm an expert and my brain is working" way that medical experts have, asked a few clarifying questions, and then said "Hm. Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but this is fairly normal. Sometimes the ligaments around your tooth can really be irritated and cause some serious pain and discomfort. What we will do in that case is prescribe you some steroids and hope that it will shorten the duration of pain, which can go on for quite some time." WHAT?! Just kidding. I was just happy he wasn't going to have to pull my tooth out, which is what the internet suggested. So I said "So on Tuesday -- which will be a week -- if it's not any better, I can call you and you will prescribe me legal drugs?" He agreed. Thankfully, mercifully, hallelujah, it is slowly starting to feel better. Still wakes me up at night, but is on the downward spiral. He is a cool guy. I felt really bad for making him be a dentist on Sunday, but he was very gracious about it and said "How about next time it hurts that bad you CALL me." Yeah. But see... that's not what I am genetically predisposed to do! I'll just suffer until I die instead.
I don't know why I told you that long dragged out story about a tooth that you don't really care about, but I did. You're welcome.
Katelyn is a Sunbeam in Primary now. I know -- wretched. I just can't handle the truth! She misses nursery. You know -- snack time and toys and stuff. Which is ironic because she was our most difficult to get to go into nursery. She would cry pretty much every Sunday pretty much the whole time she was IN nursery. But now she talks about it like it's the promised land. We go to church at one now and she climbed right into my lap in Sacrament Meeting and immediately fell asleep and had a luscious nap... waking up during the closing prayer. Then she sat hunched up on her tiny Sunbeams chair and wept for the first half of primary. It was pretty sad. But she was brave -- she didn't demand to sit with me, just curled up and licked the tears pouring down her face. It was just about more then I could stand -- I wanted so badly to just rescue her and cuddle her up, but she knew I was there and still chose to be brave, so I let her do it. I just kept giving myself parenting pep talks. I just love my kids.
Kate the Great (as she continues to introduce herself as) is one heck of a girl. She is her own human and I find great joy in her and her particular way of doing things -- she is definitely the third child and I feel a bond with her on that front... I recognize many of her behaviors. She will be a great contributor in our family and we grow up together. I love, love, love her and am so thankful to have her as my friend. If I could just keep her with me and never have to send her to preschool...
That's it for today, friends! Go forth and serve!


Ducksoup said...

ouch, your poor tooth. that does not sound good. does tylenol 1000 mg every 8 hours. ryan, being my medicine man, has helped me love tylenol in so many ways. and maci is with kate the great. she so misses nursery and even has the cutest sunbeam teacher ever. don't freeze to death. we just went to st. george over the weekend. it was so nice and warm. utah is much warmer than misery though. love yah rie!

Tara said...

Sorry about the tooth ache those are the worst. If we lived closer I would let you try some essential oils. They seem to work fairly quickly and well. Good luck. I hope it is feeling better soon.