Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Family B

We had our family pictures taken in November to surprise our parents for Christmas. My friend Rachael has a photography business and did such a great job -- she was so patient and kept us all in good spirits. Even the Double B, who hates family pictures more then he hates just about anything -- I put my foot down this time. A real session with a real photographer and she was going to take as many pictures as she wanted and he was going to DEAL WITH IT. Ha ha ha! What a sport. He was very smart and took his earphones so he could listen to whatever football game was on when he wasn't needed in a shot. He was happy, Momma was happy, and the kids loved every second of it. I love, love, love my little family!



Tara said...

I LOVE them. Such a cute family!

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I love the light behind the tree- it lights up your family! love them!

Tamari said...

Great pictures, Marie! The kids are so adorable and you and Ben are as stunning as ever! Love your blog and being able to keep up with your life in a land far away from me. <3