Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Comfort Items

This morning driving to school I realized we are getting ever closer to wrapping up fourth grade for KJ. We all know what that means: 5TH GRADE. And we all know what that means -- that most evil of all word combinations -- MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!
I can't handle it. I really can't. I had a little fake sob moment over my baby boy in the car and he patted my arm sympathetically. "Don't worry, Mom. We'll have some quality time together because middle school gets out pretty early. And don't worry about Bunny, either, because I'm planning on keeping Bunny and giving him to my kids." ("Bunny" is KJ's little comfort item -- a little cabbage patch doll that he has slept with for years and years.)
So that's a relief. Now that I know Bunny will be taken care of.
Olivia piped right in to assure me that her "Blanklies" will be taken care of, too. She has three -- the little pink silky blanket she started life out with that has almost faded to white, and the two identical blankets Grandma bought to be rotated but actually just got consumed into carrying all three around at once. She said "Don't worry about my blanklies, either, Mom. My white one I'll give to my first child, my pink one I'll give to my other kids, and my favorite one I'll turn into a stylish scarf for me!" Ha ha ha! Where did I get this kid? What a joy. Her favorite one is the one with the best tag to suck on. That just disgusts me to no end, but she finds it exceptionally comforting when bored or tired.
Katelyn also has two little comfort "blankies", a big and small one, but since she's still rocking the little girl and proud of it stage, she felt no need to assure me that they would be used by anyone but her. Phew!

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Deepfryer said...

Maci also has three blankets that are the exact sometime with the idea to rotate them but she pretty much likes them all. Have to wash them on delicate which is such a pain but it is one cute blankie. K.J. Starts middle school in fifth grade? That's so crazy. I loved hearing about your kids comfort items.