Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Talk To Myself.

This morning as I was making lunches for school, I was thinking about a conversation that happened around me. And I was thinking about what my response would be, so naturally, being me -- I muttered it out loud to myself. This is not unusual behavior, apparently, because immediately Olivia's head pops up over the banister and she says "Mom, are you talking to yourself again?"
Hm. Well. Caught red-handed. So I had to say "Yep."
"Well, what are you saying?"
It was hard but true to admit "Nothing, really. Just talking to myself."
She looked at me like she does, then went back to playing.
This greatly amused me.
I'm sure it's not only crazy people that talk to themselves (she says in a soothing, comforting tone) -- because I certainly do.
And apparently it's noticed.

I want people to be nice to each other. Is that too much to ask? Olivia read me her little book "Martin's Big Words" this morning, and I heard the beautiful and powerful words again of Martin Luther King, Jr. What a powerful thing. I think we all need a refresher course. I felt sad as she read because I realized this is not the world we live in. People seem to believe that if someone disagrees with them, they are the enemy.
I don't believe this is true.
I want my little daughter, and all of my children, to believe more.
I hope they will understand that part of standing for truth and righteousness is to love your neighbor as yourself.
Let's be nice. Let's be respectful. Let's be understanding. Let's be compassionate.

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