Thursday, February 27, 2014


The Double B has earned the name "Mr. Incredible" from Olivia. It's stuck around for two whole days! That is because a few nights ago Daddy was putting food on Olivia's plate for her with his usual vigor and vim -- and split the plate right in half. Yep. Right down the middle, a perfect fault line. We all kind of stared for a minute, before he started grumbling about the faulty plate and started cleaning it up. Everyone laughed but him... it was very funny. I informed him there was nothing wrong with the plate, there was something unnaturally strong about his forearm. He didn't believe this, because he thought he'd been tapping pretty lightly, but he wasn't. He was tapping the way he does when he isn't thinking, and turned one plate into two halves. Olivia LOVED this. As soon as he sat down she said "Mommy -- Daddy is Mr. Incredible!!!"
I thought that deserved a blog mention. The Double B has a mighty grip -- not sure if it's his hands or forearm or both that create this hulk-like thing, but he has to be very conscientious when closing jars or bottles, etc., or no one else in the whole world (even my super strong Dad) can ever open them again. For me, that means there is absolutely no hope of opening the item. There have been a few inconvenient times in our marriage where I have cussed him for doing that when I need something opened that he shut -- and he is far, far away. That hasn't happened in a long time, though. In fact, nothing of the sort has happened in a long time, until the other night when he broke the plate in half while dishing up food.
You can see why I might find this man dreamy. Between that and the scars on his hands, forehead and eye wrinkles, and delightful collar bones, he is kind of a perfect specimen. But don't worry. I like him for his mind, too!
You know what is super cool about the Double B being Mr. Incredible? It means that I am Elasti-girl!!! And she is the coolest!!! Yes!

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Ducksoup said...

this post is so funny rie. how awesome oiivia named him that. go ben!