Monday, March 10, 2014

A Retelling

 Laundry. Laundry, laundry, laundry. The swear word of Mother's everywhere.
It's gotten out of control and I really need to gather the energy to get it back in order. Put it away. Wash. Repeat. Etc. This is my couch today, so if we ever want to sit down again... this is the morning. Carpe Diem. I guess I will be so grateful that I have wonderful people to do laundry FOR, right!?
This morning the doctors office called to tell me I failed my blood glucose test. I may or may not have howled "NNNOOOO!!!" to the nurse on the phone. Then laughed like a crazy person. I just am not sure I have the moral fiber to poke my own finger with the needle of death four times a day again. I'm not sure I can do it, man. She was very nice and assured me they would do the three hour test before making any decisions, and sometimes the first test is wrong. Right. But thank you for being so nice, lady on the phone dealing with the homicidal maniac! Trying not to let the man (or blood) get me down. But those needles hurt. In the words of my teenage theme movie, "Darn the man. Save the Empire!" Save the finger. And the diet of Cadbury Eggs. Save them both!
Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor pathetic Marie!
Last week was an exciting week of barf and the diabolical dip-dads, so I didn't make it to the blog. It actually started the day after my last entry -- Friday. Katee really missed her Daddy and kept whimpering sadly for him, so I decided to take her down for lunch with her favorite guy. She was happy, but very silent and didn't eat hardly anything. When we got back, she laid on her face for a few minutes on my bedroom floor and then threw up. Then spent the rest of the afternoon spewing magnificently. She took it like an absolute champ! I was so impressed with how brave she was! After the floor and then my bed, I explained to her how to throw up in a toilet, and she did. The I gave her a bowl while she laid on the couch, and she used it. Never cried a tear, just kept telling me "I spitted up, Mom. Ouch. I spitted up." So sad! Then "What you call a spit up again, Mom? Oh yeah, I throwed up. I throwed up, Mom." She was all better the next morning. Saturday night she asked to say the prayer. It went like this -- first she showed Heavenly Father how fast she can count to ten -- pretty fast! Then she told him "And yesterday I spitted out, but Mom said it's throw up. So I throwed up, but my Mom told me I was so brave, and I WAS brave!" Oh, Kate!
Sunday morning, unfortunately, KJ had picked up the stomach flu of death. He didn't handle it quite as well -- lots of crying and misery. But lots of yacking, so who can blame him. He wanted Mommy to stay home from church with him, but Daddy assured me they would be fine and then he took us girls to church -- big massive snow storm, so I didn't dare drive. After blizzarding through sacrament meeting, the rest of the block was canceled and the Double B picked us up so I could spend the rest of the day sympathizing with poor KJ.
Monday morning woke me up nice and early so I could spend the day becoming better friends with the room holding the bath and toilet. Stomach flu + Pregnant = Plan Designed By Satan.
Then Tuesday who should have it but... the Double B! Misery. He even called in sick to work on Wednesday, which if you know the Double B, means that he was suffering death and destruction on apocalypse levels. He was fairly recovered by Thursday but was off, so we spent the day together and not sick, just wiped out.
Olivia miraculously survived unscathed! MIRACLE!!! We were all relieved the darling Olivia did not succumb. That is one heck of an immune system, got to give her that.
Friday there was no school (AGAIN) after being cancelled because of the storm on Monday (AGAIN), so we spent the day with Bev and kids and then just rolled through the weekend and here we are.
Except... here is the big, big news at the end of this epic blog post of information you did not want to know... information you DID want to know! On Monday (yep, while sick) we had our ultrasound and our baby is a BOY!!! We are so excited! KJ just stared and stared at the screen in shock. Then was basically silent for about two days. I think he'd just prepared himself so much for the opposite that it was quite overwhelming. He told Uncle Jonnie last night that when he found out he was "just screaming and screaming inside!" I am so happy he gets to have a brother. The little girl inside of me that didn't have a sister is so relieved for him!!! I told him how awesome it will be -- he will be the one that sets the example for his little buddy -- when KJ is getting ready for his mission, his brother will be getting ready to be baptized, etc. And then when they grow up, they will be best friends. Yay. Yay for KJ. The girls are very, very happy, too. I'm just so thankful everything looks good and for the opportunity to be a Mom. Being a Mom is so cool, however you get to do it.
P.S. An epic story I almost forgot -- proof that my oldest son is a Hansen through and through and that he gets all his specialness from me. On Thursday I was driving the kids to school and KJ was looking through his planner book from the school that has all the guidelines and came across "head lice and nits." He didn't know what nits were, so when I explained, it brought up a whole conversation... how some things are just life. Then he said "Mom -- sometimes I think I must have lice because my head itches. So if I ever have to scratch it, I'm just sure I have lice!"
I guffawed. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Because I SO GET IT. So then he laughed and laughed and then the girls laughed and laughed even though they had no idea why we were laughing. It was fun! (For context, my brothers and I get a muscle twitch and diagnose ourselves with lung cancer... we're very special.) I love that little guy and that because he reads about something it must mean he has it. I am glad he has people who traverses the shaky ground of spazziness to help him through. :)


Tara said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the stomach bug. That is never fun but being pregnant besides is horrible. I'm glad you are all feeling better. Congrats on the next little boy! As for the glucose test I failed the first test with my last two but managed to pass the second test. I don't remember all of the suggestions but you can google foods to eat to help you pass the test. I've never had to poke myself everyday but I'm not sure I could actually do it. My hats off to you for having done it before. You will be in my prayers. Hopefully the next test will have better results.

Deepfryer said...

Super rough week rieser. Yowsers...the flu bug and being sick. I got the flu while 20 weeks pregnant too and it stinks.

So excited about baby BOY! So perfect to have two of each

Love you,

Jen said...

I am sorry for your glucose results. I have refused to take it this time because I have never had to take it before and I exercise and eat healthy food, and I will be darned if I am going to chug a big jug of sugary ick on an empty stomach first thing in the morning! I have to do an A1c instead. Blah. Also, I agree about flu + pregnancy = satan's plan. I have had it twice this time, and it is miserable miserable stuff.

Love to you, and excitement for KJ. Grace was not so lucky...