Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big Thoughts And Teeth

Last night as I was tucking Olivia into bed we had the following conversation:
Liv - Mom, is it normal for the cord to hurt?
Me - What do you mean, the cord?
Liv - You know, for the baby.
Me - Oh, the umbilical cord? Hm. Well, I can't feel the umbilical cord because it is attached to the baby and the placenta, which feeds the baby. So I don't feel pain from that.
Liv - But then why does it hurt?
Me - Well, feeling pain is just a normal part of pregnancy. Your body has to stretch and grow and that is a little uncomfortable, but very normal. It is nothing to be worried about! 
Liv - Did Jesus design that?
Me - I'm not sure what you mean.
Liv - Did Jesus make it so it would hurt you?
Me - Hm. Well, He helped make it so a woman's body can do truly amazing things, like make a baby! That is amazing and is actually a really awesome gift He gave us! When you grow up, I hope you will get to experience it because it's so cool.
Liv - Oh. Will it hurt you when the baby is born?
Me - Yes. (She gasps) But I'm not worried about that at all! They have medicines to help me and I've done it before so I know what to expect. I am honestly excited to have the baby, not scared or worried!
Liv - Oh. Okay. Phew!
And... scene.
Intense, right!? Those are a lot of thoughts in that brain of hers! It's awesome to see your kids process and contemplate and figure things out. I told the Double B about it when I made it back downstairs and he just shook his head. She is quite the girl!
I had to go to the dentist again yesterday to get the other cap on, because my teeth are mutinous and always have been. After four hours of torture, they told me I owed them $932. I made them double check, because that sounded truly insane to me. But I've already maxed out my dental insurance, so yep, that was the total. And I've been thinking about it ever since... how BEFORE I went in, I did NOT have a tooth ache. And now I DO have a tooth ache. And how I am paying them a small fortune as a thank you for torturing me. And how that is probably around what I will end up paying my OB-GYN (for check-ups after insurance) for ten months of medical care and helping bring my CHILD into the world. DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE A PROBLEM IN THE UNIVERSE?!?! That dental school better have cost a fortune, man.
Oh, well. He's a great dentist (I'm sort of an expert on this) and a lovely human being, and there is a tooth there, so I'll pay him happily. Let's face it, if I had lived in any other century, I'd be toothless, blind like a crazy bat, scary, and probably burned at the stake as a witch for all the wild ideas that just seem to spew out of my mouth. 
Dear Lord,
You know what you're doing.
I have also thought that I least WE are paying for it and not my parents. I'm happy for them that they don't have to pay for me anymore. My body is expensive. I am pretty sure they could buy a beach house with all the money they spent on keeping me alive, sort of like the cost of all my brothers combined, multiplied by ten. Oh, well. At least I was worth it. Right, Mom!??!
The end.


Tara said...

Those are some very intense questions. Very well answered too. As for medical bills...I'm impressed your ob won't be higher. I've never had a bill that low. Thankfully I've never had many teeth issues. Sorry you have to deal with so much. I hope the pain gets better quickly.

Deepfryer said...

Lol you are so funny! I went to the dentist and had two cavities filled that has never hurt and then my teeth started hurting...know just what you mean. I know your parents would choose you over a beach house though.

Deepfryer said...

No idea why I'm signed in for my husband. fC