Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Kick-Off

 It's Spring Break!
We are pretty darn excited. We've played, adventured, and cleaned the scary parts of the house that Mom's iffy energy has not gotten to alone. And it's only Tuesday morning! It's going to be a great week.
I made cookies on Sunday, which used to be a regular in my children's lives, but tragically has also fallen victim to low energy levels. Everyone was excited, and it really is a darn good recipe for peanut butter cookies. Yesterday morning when I woke up each child was "nom nom nomming" on cookies, and then I heard Katee yell "Wahoo!!! I need another cookie!!!" And go flying up the stairs. Awesome. Cookies are like a super nutritious breakfast, right?
I had to miss KJ's fourth grade music program last week because of my classes -- of course it was the one day parents were late picking up their kids, so as I was waiting for the last parents the Double B texted me and told me it was over. So bummed! Luckily we got it recorded, so after Daddy took everyone for ice cream to celebrate, the kids and I snuggled up to watch it. And he was AMAZING! He really was totally awesome, I was so proud. And he was so proud to show me, so I was so relieved he understood and knew I was still so thrilled to see him do his thing. He was rocking it, for sure. He kept saying "I'm so embarrassed but so proud of myself!" Ha ha!
A few days ago I overheard Olivia say while she was playing "This is my sister-in-law, Rapunzel. My whole family has Frozen powers. And we are Orcs." ?? That totally cracked me up! She is obviously living in a family of conflicting interests!
Finally, before I forget, about a month ago we were sitting there and KJ says "The only thing better then Sesame Street is watching it with Grandpa." Olivia immediately added "Yeah, he just makes Sesame Street come alive!!!" Quite a compliment for Grandpa! It is true that for whatever reason, my kids LOVE to watch Sesame Street whenever they are with Grandpa. I've tried to notice anything he does differently, but he must do it on the down-low, because it's a little mysterious (for him, too!) what the big draw is. I think maybe it's just he's the only adult in their lives that will happily sit and watch that terribly annoying show, just so he can be with them! Grandpa's are gems. At least my kids Grandpa is!
We're excited to spend the week together. I love, love, love my kids.


Deepfryer said...

Happy spring break rie. Sure love you! Hope you get more energy soon. Any names yet for that baby?

Deepfryer said...

Sure is cute your kids love watching Sesame Street with your dad - - too funny.