Friday, March 28, 2014


Another adorable picture of Katelyn sleeping. Because it is just THAT cute. This girl plays herself into exhaustion. Yesterday afternoon she didn't like the thunder, so wanted to snuggle up in my bed and watch 'Frozen.' When I checked on her a few minutes later, this is what I found... Mom's need these moments, because they turn us into puddles of goo. Turn our hearts, if you will. Little bug!
So yesterday was pretty much the most adventurous day ever. We rushed to get our chores done before school and piled into the car, driving just fine and happily discussing what we would tell our teachers/classes about our upcoming trip to Utah. I went into the turn lane heading towards the school when the steering locked up, brakes stiffened, and the car totally shut down. Like, engine turned off. In the middle of the intersection. I yanked, yanked the wheel (power steering gone) so we were not going into oncoming traffic and rolled through the intersection (thank heavens!), stopping in the middle turning lane on the other side. This is like the classic busiest intersection ever, because it's drop-off time. Traffic stalled for a minute but then started again while I got out and jiggled the battery -- nothing. The car would start but unless I was revving the gas would shut right back down. Sigh. Hm. Thankfully, there are many police officers that live in the Northland, and sure enough, one pulled up behind me not a few minutes later after dropping his offspring off. He was so nice. He turned on his lights, checked on me, and assured me he would get traffic flowing right again while I walked my kids into school. Of course this is the ONE DAY I didn't put shoes or a jacket on Katelyn, and it's raining and blowing. She was having a fun adventure, though, she was quite enjoying herself. Thankfully, just as we trekked the block or so to the front door of the school, my friend Paula saw us and pulled up. She waited for awhile so Kate could have a warm car to sit in. Long, sordid story short, after all the traffic cleared out and we'd made somewhat of a plan, the lovely police officer and my little buddy Andrew's Dad helped get the car out of the intersection... thankfully we were on an incline, and Dave pushed while the officer reached through the window and helped yank the wheel with me. It was mighty adventurous. Officer Friendly then called the tow service that the city regulates, because there is a huge problem with scamming in the tow industry in Missouri, apparently (they can charge a thousand dollars, or even take your car for parts without the title if it's more then seven years old). Dave took me home, recommended a mechanic (since we know none), and about an hour later the tow truck arrived to collect his $125 and find out where to take ol' Bessie. It was so wild. While a little bummed and hopeful we were not about to lose our shorts, I was SO THANKFUL things went the way they did. It could have been SO MUCH WORSE!!! I felt very looked after and full of gratitude. And the mechanic even called later that day and it wasn't a huge fix, just a few hundred dollars should take care of it. Okay. We can do that. We salute you, savings. It was fun while we had you, post dentist and car. Please be nice while we work on you again!
I got that taken care of just in time for the visiting teachers to arrive. Go team.
Kate wanted to take this picture of me wearing her hat while waiting for Andrew's bus to come. I post it because I find it super fascinating. I think with a little imagination I look INCREDIBLY like a Koala bear or even a Kangaroo! And I do not find that upsetting at all, more... cool. Either way, while a lot of that is my puffy jacket arms, the whole middle is all my body doing it's thing. Go, body. I am so thankful for you and the amazing things you do and the great opportunities you afford me here on earth.
Also... in what caused great, excessive screams of joy (yes, in the nurses ear on the telephone... she hung up laughing)... I passed my 3-hour glucose test on Tuesday. Ladies and Gentlemen, I AM NOT DIABETIC!!!!!!! It was pretty much one of the great moments of my life! I'd pretty much resigned myself with my fate, so I was completely shocked when she told me that I passed. I made a scene. The Double B was out in the garage and I went and told him and we both made a scene... only to look over and see our neighbor outside getting their mail. Which was funny, because we were totally laughing and whooping. But whatever. We're Mormons, it's probably already excused in her mind. They will test again later in the pregnancy, but for right now -- my fingers get to live. And donuts still exist in my life. Miracle!
Guess what is on a few trees right now...
That's right! Spring is trying hard to wake up! It is a long, slow process here, but it is emerging ever so slowly but surely. I have officially survived two Midwest winters. I'm the real McCoy, man.
And in an effort to assure me that it really IS spring in the Midwest, we got our first Tornado Watch yesterday! I just don't love those, no matter how tough I try to be. I don't freak out anymore, but it does make one (clarification: me) uneasy. Although it IS super fascinating to watch the sky absolutely fly by over you with so much texture, depth, and color. I prefer watching it... takes some of the yuck out of it. About an hour later a sever thunderstorm warning with high winds and hail came in, and sure enough, we got a show. Not the best I've seen or heard by any means, but a very vocal thunder and wind. They got a couple of tornadoes about an hour northeast of us, and I felt pretty guilty that I was just relieved it was them and not us! That's the closest we've had so far. But it wasn't too bad... destroyed a few homes, but no one was hurt, so you can't be too upset about that. The Midwest is making me one tough old bird. Thank you, Midwest. For that, I salute you.
After teaching my classes and making dinner, I was done for the day and hurting pretty bad with my magical side pain (a wonderful relic from my Katelyn days). My entire right rib cage, front to back, just feels like it is exploding if I'm up for any length of time. We ran every test/scan imaginable with Kate, and it's just something fun to deal with, not dangerous. I leaned down at one point while making dinner trying to relieve it a little bit and Kate was concerned. Brother assured her "Don't worry, girls, it's just the pregnancy. Do you want me to rub your side, Mom?" Best boy ever. When I was tucking Liv in last night, I gave her a good night kiss, and then she very sweetly gave my bum a little rub and said sympathetically "I hope your backside feels a little better tonight, Mom!" Ha ha ha! I got such a smile out of that. I love how her mind translated side pain to backside pain. I am lucky to have such sweet and patient kids.
Kate has become my tone monitor. If my voice ever raises or gets a little tense she'll inform me "I don't like it when you be noisy like that," or some variation. It's a good reminder to just explain and not be testy. Last night my musical theater class was especially rambunctious, so I needed quieter voices while the kids kept me company as I cooked. Kate was having a hard time using her inside voice, so I encouraged her to just talk a little quieter. She replied "But Mom, I'm your best friend!" I assured her that yes she is, but we can still use our inside voices. So she tried, "But Mom, you're my best friend!" Quite the girl. She really wanted to say the family prayer last night but halfway through telling Heavenly Father some random fact about her day, she screamed her "I'm very distressed" scream and started reaching under the couch. "My hello kitty ring! My hello kitty ring!" She loves rings and Liv gave her one she'd gotten at school, and somehow while fiddling with it while praying it had rolled under the couch. I tried to calm her down to finish the prayer but she could not be consoled. I asked Liv to see if she could see it, and she did find it but said we'd need to move the couch. After explaining to Kate I asked if we could finish our prayer first. She agreed and sat down to fold her arms... and waited. Brother finally said "Oh, I'll just say it." And Kate yelled "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!!" Sigh... it was quite the event. I'm sure Heavenly Father gets a lot out of those prayers we send up sometimes. We moved the couch, she got her ring, and we all happily went up to bed.
The Double B started softball last night and froze his tushy off. I was glad to have him home from his late games and he was happy to warm up! I am thankful to have a sleepover with my best friend every night. He is a great comfort to me!

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Tara said...

Wahoo!! Congrats on passing the glucose test. I'm so happy for you. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well. Sorry about your side pain. Such sweet kids though :)
Crazy car adventure. I'm glad everything was ok in the end.