Monday, March 31, 2014

End Of March

The shop that fixed our car was right by Katelyn's very favorite place in the whole entire universe, Home Depot. Every time she sees it she squeals with joy and wants to go there. It was a good day, because our car was alive and Sister Bev had just taken us out for a birthday lunch, so I was happy to go in and make her dreams come true. We pretty much spent our time trying out all their new outdoor furniture before picking up our ritual purple paint sample (she prefers dark purple... picks pretty much the same shade every time).
This morning about 6:30 a powerful thunderstorm moved in... the rumbles were long and quite beautiful, and then flash-flash-flash. It didn't last more then twenty minutes or so, but I laid there in bed and actually found it quite comforting. I'm becoming a total weirdo! The forecast for the next few weeks has many thunderstorms riddled throughout... spring. It may take me a few weeks to get my tornado watch mojo back, but I'll get there. 
We played games last night with the Tates, and it was great. It's been awhile because life has gotten so busy, but we laughed and talked and Bev and I totally had our bums kicked by the boys. We got talking about family and the Double B and I shared some stories about my Grandma and what a great gal she was/is. I enjoyed sharing reminiscing on our favorite memories, and felt so thankful that my husband was able to know her well and develop such a loving relationship with her. They had a mutual adoration society.  
My girls were rocking it as "Princess Ariel and Princess Rapunzel" over the weekend. Cracked. Me. Up. The Double B simply could not grasp the pioneer twist, but that was part of what was making them feel so beautiful! Katelyn looks like she could be transported right out of an ancient family photo. She took it very seriously. The bonnets were a reoccurring theme all weekend. Love being a Mom so much. Not always the easiest job, but always, always, the happiest job for me.
Today is the Double B's first day in his new department! He got moved out of the bakery (hallelujah!) and will now be one of the merchandising managers. It was such a HUGE blessing, with other huge blessings wrapped up in it. Just the opportunity to have less stress in his life is an answer to prayers. He is so excited! He will go in at 3:45 in the morning now (which works out, really, since he is usually awake by that time, anyway -- insomniac) and while for a few weeks he will still need to spend some time in the bakery helping his old supervisor acclimate to her new job, soon he will be free of even that. I'm so happy for him. So crazy about that guy! He does SO MUCH for our family, and carries such a burden. My hat is off to him. Love, love him.
Olivia studied a youtube video and then drew this picture of Elsa:
By herself. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, 7 years old. I could not believe it! She has always been a very talented artist, and it is something she really loves, but that just seems to be ridiculous to me, the ability to follow instructions and execute that well. I am pretty darn impressed. She said the nose and the hair was the hardest. I am thrilled that she can express herself this way! The visual arts are so powerful. Go, Olivia!!! Last night we had the following conversation:
Liv - I have to be honest, I am pretty darn proud of myself!
Mom - You should be! That is absolutely amazing!
Liv - Well, I've decided that I drew it for you.
Mom - You did?! Thank you!!! That is so sweet. I will keep it forever.
Liv - Will you take it with you even when you're dead?
Mom - Hm. Well, I think I'll leave it to you in my will and you can give it to your grandkids.
Liv - Oh. Good idea!
And... scene. Ha ha! What a mind that cranks in that head of hers!


Deepfryer said...

Lol! Amazing artist no doubt. And so happy for Ben! That's awesome news! Such a cute mom you are rie! Love you so much!

Deepfryer said...

Oh and this is fc