Thursday, March 20, 2014


I have a few hilarious Kate, Olivia, and KJ moments to add to the arsenal. The fabulous thing about having all your children together is that they feed off each other and say stranger and stranger things.

First, Kate.
The other night we had spaghetti for dinner. She was telling Daddy about it the next night and kept saying "Skabetti." It was so cute. So we would laugh and the Double B would say "Skabetti?" And she'd go "NO, DAD!!! SKABETTI!!!" So he would say it right and she'd go "Yeah, like that." In her head, she was saying it exactly right and was quite confused about why Dad kept messing it up.
Yesterday I was down and out with the world's most evil and persistent tooth ache that has morphed into a week-long headache of death, so wasn't much use. Finally in the afternoon, in an act of desperation, I put KJ in charge and went to get in the bath. Katelyn burst through the door to angrily report "My friend Olivia won't play Frozen!!! Hmph!!!" Then she looked down, saw the little step stool and very delighted, says "Oh, thank you for this. Have a nice day!" And picks it up and walks out of the room. That gave me chuckles. What a girl. She is a tornado of three and magnificence. Olivia taught her that her birthday is in July, and so we talk about that every day... I think because she is pretty sure July is any day now. At dinner she announced "My birthday is in July, and I will be FOUR!" Smart girl.

And Olivia.
So yesterday Liv came and laid on the bed with me while Kate played right by us. Olivia goes "Hey, Mom, do you want to see something funny?" Of course I did, so she turns to Katelyn and says "Okay, watch this. Hey, Katee, there's a spider on your back." I was instantly suspicious of where this was going, but trusting Kate looks up and asks "Hm?" So Oliva says very convincingly "There's two great big spider's right on your back!" To which poor, victimized Katelyn's eyes get real big and she squeals "GET THEM OFF, LIVI!!!" I immediately intervened and assured her that Olivia was just playing a joke and there were no spiders. When I looked at Olivia, she was covering her laughter,  very proud of herself. I explained that while jokes can be funny, it's really not very nice to actually scare someone, especially a little child. She agreed, but was absolutely NOT sorry. Last night when I was tucking the girls into their bed Katelyn reminded me that Olivia told her there were spiders on her back and it was very scary. I assured her that was just a silly joke and she didn't need to worry about that at all. When I looked over at Olivia, she was laying there with the most diabolical smile on her face -- sort of toothless but wide -- excessively proud of her misdeed. Grinch-like, really. I had to laugh as I headed down to bed. I don't think I've ever seen her display this side of herself quite that way before!
Man. Big sisters are awesome.

Finally, KJ.
The Double B came home last night after a very, very long day while I was in the bath. KJ had been sitting at the table, and I heard him say "Oh, hi, Dad! How was your day?!" So kind and truly interested. I was so pleased to hear that. He is such a good boy. He has had a loose canine tooth and I heard him report a little later "Guess what, Dad. There is a 60% chance I'm going to lose my tooth tonight!" Ha ha. He ran down from bed later to say "Mom, I think we're at 80%!" And yep, he lost it first thing this morning.
On Tuesday all our dreams came true when 'Frozen' came out on DVD. Of course, it was imperative that we buy it THAT DAY, so the kids chose to go have lunch with Daddy and pick it up at Costco. That night their friends Lauryn and Elyssa invited them to a 'Frozen Party,' where for three hours they really rocked out with ice cream, pop corn, and movie watching bliss. After dropping them off, the Double B said "I think I'm a boring Dad. But I would never do that!" So I just told him "Well, we might be boring, but they're loved!" They had such a great time. Bev reported that KJ was the magnet of the party, yet again. I just think that says so much about him, that the other kids want to be around him (especially the lady folk. But it's always been that way with him). Kind heart = Awesome.

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Deepfryer said...

Awesome kiddos! Awesome parents! Sounds like things are pretty fun around your house.