Thursday, April 3, 2014


We are three weeks into a new chore routine that is setting a much needed and desired return to order in our household. Hallelujah! I mean business, too, and my kids know it -- I told them I would rather take them to school late then take them without their chores done. Not sure if that makes me evil or smart, but it's worked. Of course, I mean it. And they know it. So it works! Every morning we eat breakfast and chat and then attack our chores, so by the time they are to school there is just the last few things I need to do -- and then of course, follow Kate and Wandrew around to keep them out of trouble and clean up after their adventures. I love order.
Yesterday morning we were in a little bit of a rush by the time KJ got out of the shower, so I just checked to make sure he looked nice before we rushed out the door. Then, sitting in the car line, I looked over and noticed how dashing he really looked -- he'd put gel in his hair! He was feeling it, too. He was very happy I'd noticed and I could see it gave him that extra little boost of confidence that makes you feel good. He is the cutest kid in fifty states. Growing up on me! Sigh...
Yesterday was also the day of Katelyn's district preschool assessment. We were sooo hopeful she would be admitted to the district preschool. We are in a really amazing school district, and almost all of their preschool teachers have PhD's, but it is tough to get in to. Usually, you need a little extra help in one area to get in... we thought her speech might get her in, because although she says such hilarious expressions and communicates very well now, she can still be a little tough to understand sometimes... she talks very fast. But nope! She actually tested super well in that area! How she got in is hilarious -- she can't throw a ball with much accuracy and definitely can't skip! It was hilarious to watch her try. She can't count backwards from 10 (who knew she was supposed to? Not me) and wouldn't sing the alphabet for them, even though it is her favorite song. She gets to go and we were thrilled! Preschool has a going rate of about $300 a month around these parts -- for two hours, two days a week. So pretty much, Kate the Great was not going to go to preschool unless the district swooped in to save the day. Yay, preschool!!! She was so cute during the testing:
That's a big blessing! One thing the principle told me, which I loved, is that she has a "surprisingly" well developed sense of humor. All the testing teachers mentioned that she would crack them up with her answers... that her answers were very clever and she knew she was being funny. I loved that! I have always thought she would grow up to be a very funny person, because she's always just been funny -- never in a teasing way, either, just in a legitimately observant way. He agreed and said she had "a very highly developed sense of humor for a three-year-old!" Awesome sauce. The ability to see the good and funny in a situation is such a gift, so if she brought that with her -- more power to you, Kate the Great! Awesome!
Teaching classes was hard for me yesterday. Very hard to dig deep for the energy and patience I needed. All you full time school teachers, I honestly do not know how you do it, but boy do I honor you!!! It is not for the faint in heart. When I finished, I went into the bedroom to let the Double B know the dinner plans... and this is what I saw: 
Almost ridiculously cute, honestly. Those two are sleeping buddies. They both love to sleep and love to nap, put them together for a little snuggle time and it's all over! This kind of worked out great for me, because I was not sure I had it in me for a nice dinner and KJ and Liv are willing to be casual -- we warmed up some Campbell's soup and had a nutritious hotdog to go with it. They were both delighted! And so was I, honestly.
The Double B is LOVING his first week in merchandising. I can not tell you how thrilled that makes me. He comes home with a bounce in his step. My wife heart just toasts up so nice and warm about that!
We are going home to Utah for a visit in 15 days! The kids keep me very well-informed of the daily countdown and have for about a month and a half -- and who can blame them! We are so very excited. It's been nine months since we've seen our families (with the exception of my parents, who have saved our lives by visiting) and those beautiful red rocks and plateaus. It's funny how "home" just ingrains into who you are. What it looks, sounds, and feels like. Of course we know and are thankful that wherever we are together is home, but oh -- to be back for just a minute and rest! Thrilling.
And finally, in closing, I would just like to introduce you to my only REAL issue with the Midwest:

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Deepfryer said...

Yay glad he likes his job and so happy you get to come home. What kind of soup did you eat? My kids love bean and bacon and wanted to know if that was on your list or not.
Love yah rie!