Monday, April 14, 2014

Culture Of Happiness

Olivia had her music concert on Thursday. She was brilliant, naturally. I was really proud of her! At breakfast that morning she told me there were some really rocking songs "So please don't embarrass me by having you and Benson break out into dancing." Okay... instructions heard and followed. It was pretty hard, though, because there WAS some pretty rockin' songs and that girl was shakin' it. So dang cute. I just love to watch my kids do their thing! 
It is snowing this morning. Snowing. Don't worry, I'm taking it like a champion. Spring is weird here, I get that. Or maybe this is just spring and I've been insolated from it's natural evils by the beautiful climate in Southern Utah. Either way... snow.
Yesterday I spent a significant amount of time at the church for extra meetings. That kind of worked out for me, though, because a big and loud thunder storm had been hanging out all night and morning and it really unleashed at four o'clock, which is when we get out. The Double B sent me this text on the way to pick up the kids (he'd had to work): "I'm here. On the way high winds, hail, heavy rain. The sky is not green, though." I thought he was reassuring me because there was a tornado threat. When I finally did head home it was just pouring rain, and I told him his text had made me laugh. He told me he was not joking! He was quite nervously checking out the sky the whole way -- black, black, black. He was so happy it didn't start changing color! And I thought, once again, the Lord knows what He is doing. I've never been so happy I had to stay for a Scout meeting and miss all the excitement!
We leave for Utah this week. We are heading out Friday morning and staying in Denver, so hope to be there by Saturday afternoon. If you don't think Utah fever has hit our family with a vengeance! It is about all the kids can talk about, and their parents sympathize, because it's about all we can think about! So very excited to see our family and loved ones again and have a little break. Katelyn knows we are seeing Grandma and Grandpa, but she is a little confused about how that is all going to go down and keeps wanting it to be TODAY. Yesterday the first thing she said to me was "We going to Grandpa's house tomorrow?" Followed by her looking out my window a little later and saying "I keep looking for Grandpa's house, but I don't see it in the forest!" Then "Time to go to Grandpa's house yet? No yet? Awwwee!!!!" "Grandpa loves chocolate! I bring Grandpa a sucker. He likes blue." On the way into church there was an airplane over us and Katelyn said "Grandma and Grandpa in that airplane! They come to see us, NOT go home!"
This morning as she came to snuggle she told me "I see Grandma and Grandpa today!" She was disappointed and confused that it wasn't today, it was this weekend. That's hard to understand. I made pancakes for breakfast and she said "Grandpa make me pancakes when I at his house! Grandma and Grandpa have lots of toys for me to play with in our room. But Mommy and Daddy sleep in a big bed like this." So in her mind, she is the grand queen visitor and has the lay-out down. Love it. She definitely has Grandma and Grandpa on the brain!
Finally, an Olivia-ism. As we were all sitting there eating breakfast she informed us all: "You know why dogs don't toot that much? Because if they toot they aren't happy, and theirs is a culture of happiness!"
Life is awesome.
And... scene.

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Tara said...

loved this post! I'm jealous you are going to southern utah. Wave to my parents for me as you drive by! I love the dog story :)