Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last Second

A couple of evenings ago Katelyn came in and laid her head on my belly. "This is my favorite pillow. You're my very best pillow!" I felt very complimented.
Last night I got to go get my temple recommend renewed with the stake presidency. I met with President Call, one of the councilors, and we had a lovely visit getting to know each other. He used to work with Governor Leavitt in Utah, so it was fun to talk about our small town and mutual hang-outs we've had. It was actually a very sweet experience. Answering the last question of the interview I mentioned that I do my best... I try hard. He reminded me that the Lord only asks us to do our best. And when we do that -- our best -- He is very pleased. He told me to watch my thoughts and feelings, because if I am ever feeling down on myself, like I somehow don't measure up, it is never the light sending those thoughts and feelings. I know that is true, but I could feel the truth of it as he talked to me. He then said a very sweet prayer and asked the Lord to bless me and my family. I left feeling rejuvenated and hopeful and relieved. I told the Double B it feels like I just got my insurance renewed or something. He laughed and said "Yep. It's just like paying tithing -- fire insurance."
Yesterday as I was making dinner after classes KJ came up to tell me about his day. He mentioned that he got teased a little at school and it really made him feel bad and feel shy. I asked him what he got teased about, and he said that he sorta, kinda, a little bit, likes his friend Emily. Except he's a little worried because she is Baptist and he's Mormon. I assured him that he didn't need to worry about that at all right now -- if she is a sweet and kind girl, that just shows good sense that he would like her! He was glad to hear that, but said that two boys were making fun of him for liking her, because they play together at recess. I reminded him he can always talk to an adult and they'll take care of it. But I also reminded him that no one has the authority to make him feel bad about himself without his permission, so he could just calmly tell them he didn't like it when they said that, and then go on with his life. "Because you're AWESOME!" I reminded him. He felt better and headed back downstairs, calling cheerfully over his shoulder "I know!" And that just warmed my heart. He is, in fact, awesome. Mom dream come true. If I can instill that in my kids... oh man.
I have my massive list made out of things to take with us. You know how it is -- you're trying to get the house ready to leave and take care of the every day things while taking care of something big. It makes me tired, so I decided that sitting down for a minute and writing on the blog was just a responsibility that needed to be addressed, ha ha. I will get back to gathering very soon.
This is such a great picture:
I took it last night. Fun with Dad is the best kind of fun! 
Well, friends, we're off on an adventure. Absolutely, positively, so excited and happy that it is finally here!

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Ducksoup said...

Yay rie! Happy travels. Your such a cute mama! Lucky, lucky kids!