Thursday, May 15, 2014


This morning on the way back from the school drop-off Katelyn turned to Wandrew and said matter of factly "Wandrew, my Grandpa's house is very, very far away." Yep. We're just over here in the land of Oz.
Today is Olivia's big field trip. She's been waiting, and waiting, and waiting! The whole school year, and finally it is her turn. They are going to the Kansas City Zoo... she is excited, because she finally gets to see the new penguin exhibit! She could barely wait to pack her lunch this morning. It is a chilly, windy day, but it was supposed to thunderstorm -- they just adjusted the forecast yesterday -- so we'll be glad for the sunshine and not worry about the rest. I just hope she stays warm. Adrenalin alone could get her through, though. She was very, very, very excited!
Katelyn has been pushing against her limits pretty hard lately. She is a very sweet, very cute girl, but sometimes when she feels crossed she'll just lose it. It's the weirdest thing. Of course, that behavior is absolutely not tolerated in our house, so she tries really hard to work her way around it. She thinks if she flips out on her brother and sister upstairs and Mom and Dad are downstairs, that she'll somehow get away with it... like hysterical screams don't carry, or anything. Ugh! Yesterday she was actually giving birth to a cow because I'd told her no about something -- don't even remember what it was. Something simple. I got tired of it, and told her she was welcome to throw that fit upstairs in her bedroom, because it wasn't welcome where we were. She marched upstairs, wailing, because apparently she was feeling misunderstood and needed to complete the fit. A few minutes later, I called upstairs that she needed to close the door if she was going to keep going. And just a few seconds later, she hip hopped downstairs, completely cured! Sheesh. Girls are emotional beings, that is all there is to it. That is very hard for the Double B to deal with, it just about pushes him over the edge. I'm pretty sure he actually feels dread at what the teen years could bring. What is so funny about it is that as frustrating as Katelyn can make him, they are each others favorite hang-out partners. They get mad at each other, and then just a few minutes later are all cuddled up, calling each other "silly goose" (the name she has preserved just for her Dad), or getting ready to take a nap together. Being a family is interesting. And very fun.
I can't remember if I told this Olivia story, but it just cracks me up. About a month and a half ago, I went upstairs to make dinner and Katelyn came out to say "Mommy, Livi crying in her room!" So I thanked her for letting me know and went to check on Liv, who was standing in front of her bathroom mirror, weeping copiously. I gave her a big hug and asked what was the matter. "I don't know!" She said "I just felt like I had to have a big cry!" This made me laugh. I held her tight and said that while I was sorry, that is pretty much just a part of being a girl. Sometimes you just have to cry! I assured her it would get better when she got older (I didn't inform her it will get worse, first -- no point in being cruel!). When she'd had enough snuggles, I asked her if she wanted to come help me make dinner. She said "No thank you, I'm not done crying yet," and turned back to the mirror and started piteously weeping again. I patted her back and left her to her cleansing cry, trying so hard not to lose it. It was just so sweet and so funny. Of course, I had to march right back downstairs to tell the Double B. He didn't like this story as well as I did -- in fact, he heard it with a face filled with horror! Ha ha. Ah, females. We are such a special breed.
This is my last week of teaching regular classes -- next week is the rehearsal and then performance. It has been such a lovely experience, but at this point of pregnancy, I am excited to have a whole summer off! I would like to gestate in peace. Hoping it all goes off okay. I'm a little nervous, but the Double B assures me all will be well. He is so good at that! 
Last night when we walked in from work he had the bread and milk as requested, but also a box from Donut King! My favorite treat. What a guy. Seriously, that is romance!

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