Thursday, May 22, 2014

Super Marie

Olivia had a tick on her cheek this morning. ON HER CHEEK. I hate those diabolical things. I love living by the woods -- ooooh, pretty, and all that. BUT A TICK ON HER CHEEK??!?! In her own home that we pay a fortune to preventatively spray the crap out of? I feel violated for her. She was very grossed out and so to help distract her I gave this one the name of Miss Ticky, Mr. Ticky-Wicky's girlfriend. That helped. My stomach was churning -- just so gross. Thankfully it was a big one and those are easier to get out, so I was able to get it out myself, using deep breathing and pretending it wasn't the most disgusting thing on earth at all.

Dear Midwest,
How about you take your ticks and put 'em where the sun don't shine?
Your Enemy Today,

This is a cute story that will distract you, though. You're welcome in advance. While getting ready for the day (after Tickgate '14), Olivia came in and showed me her finger. She said "Mom, I have an owie on my finger, and I put a band aid on it but it still hurts! I think the only thing that will help it feel better is if you give it a kiss!"
Awe. A magical Mommy moment. Warmed my little pea-pickin' heart.

Do any of you other Mom's have a Mom Super-Power? As a kid, I was truly amazed at the things my Mom could just... KNOW... and it did mystify me quite a lot. I would ask her how and she'd always say she had eyes in the back of her head. Just amazing. Now, as a Mom myself, especially the last couple of years, I am amazed at things I can just KNOW. It's quite fun. Random things, right down to if someone needs to find something, if I have seen it ever, I will have a flash or a feeling and know where it is, etc. The Double B is absolutely floored by this mad skill! Although he is getting a little reliant on it, and feels despair if I tell him I am getting absolutely no impression, because then he doesn't have an instant answer to what he needs. He asks me all the time how I do it, and I don't know. I just tell him it is super awesome to have. A Woman Thing? I take my Mom's answer of eyes in the back of the head and call it maybe an Inner Eye? Hm. Either way, I actually think it's some kind of Gift of the Spirit, of which there are many as we know, not all listed in the scriptures, of course. Since the scriptures I study were all written by men, how could they include a mystery gift they have no access to? "And to some it is given a super cool intuition that will solve many common household problems."

Last night was the big rehearsal for the recital tonight. I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my life. Literally, buckets and buckets of sweat. Of course, it was ninety million degrees of humidity yesterday, and I'm a big pregnant lady jumping and turning, etc., but oh boy. It was a little embarrassing, but what do you do. One of my little students said "Wow, Miss Marie, I don't think I've ever seen you sweat before!" Ha ha! I felt validated. I left tired but so hopeful for tonight. I am nervous, and obviously it won't be perfect, but they are as ready as they will ever be and I think/hope the parents will enjoy it. Definitely lots to do today. I will report back!
The End.

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