Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blessing Day

Benson received his baby blessing on the Double B's 34th birthday. What a special day, added to by being able to be surrounded by family when we least expected it!
Benson was given a beautiful blessing by his Dad. In the circle were the bishopric, led by Bishop Barnes, and Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Tony, our dear friend Matt (who had to go way out of his way to arrange it, since he is in the bishopric in their new ward), and our home teacher and friend Evan. We pretty much felt like rock stars to have that support. 
Katelyn was happy to volunteer to be in every picture -- love it.  
We're so thankful to be part of a forever family. 
One of my favorite pictures of all time! I got this one on the sly, too. So I think I must have missed my calling as a professional photographer. Either way, such a sweet moment with my two Double B's. 
Becoming a Mom for the fourth time has changed my life forever, and I'm so thankful for that! I love being a Mom more then I've ever loved anything else, ever. Such a great joy to me. 
We love you, tiny Benson B! 

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