Friday, September 19, 2014

Evening Walk

 Look at this little buddy:
I mean, come on! Cutest thing we've ever seen? Let's just agree about that, shall we?
He started to really smile a few days ago, twice for me and then once for Livi that first day. Still hard work, but they are there! Then this morning at my Primary presidency meeting (Note: the Primary is smarter then I ever will be. Honestly. Just when you stop one leak in the boat another starts. It's like we're constantly bailing water. Sure do love my new councilors, Jada and Laurie, though. They are such great, great ladies!) I was sharing a scripture that really means a lot to me from the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 4, when I happened to glance down at Bens in my lap. As soon as he saw he had my attention, his whole entire little face lit up. Wild, happy smiles and goos. Just thrilled that I am his Mommy, apparently! It was filled with such love and made me feel so good! The whole scriptural thought went out the window so I could go ga-ga over him. Loved it!
While folding laundry when we got home, he needed a little break, and I got these beauties, too.
So fun.
Tonight the kids and I went on a walk together while Daddy slept. They had such a great, great time taking turns pushing their baby brother in his stroller. Pretty nice situation for me, I guess! They were very cautious, and even Kate the Great was a pretty successful pusher -- even pushing him up a little hill by herself! She kind of looked like a little ant, capable of carrying a big load.
While watching a jet overhead, Olivia said to me "Jets have always fascinated me. When I grow up, I want to be a birdwatcher. And a Mom. And also a home art teacher... I'm going to have a lot of responsibilities!"
About two-thirds of the way through our adventure Katelyn and I had fallen a little behind. She took my hand and said "Mommy, KJ and Livi are creeps. They never want to wait for us!"
I honestly don't know where she gets some of this stuff. Sure makes me laugh, though.
As we headed down the cul-de-sac to our house, Liv had skipped quite a ways in front of us, when suddenly a little animal jumped out of the grass at her feet! She jumped about ten feet in the air and squealed, her feet dancing around. It was a fairly good sized toad, just hanging out there at her feet. We all had such a good laugh. Would have scared me to death, too! Naturally, after finishing laughing, she ran the rest of the way home screaming her lungs out, Katelyn following, while KJ pushed Benson along.
Pretty great..

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*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I believe I will be using the word "Creep" much more...

Cutie pic!