Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Day(s) Of School!

I'm always sad when it's time for school to start again. In many ways, I wish I could just keep my little chickens in my nest. They think that is the greatest idea! They wish they could be homeschooled like some of their friends, but I know myself -- and they would never learn how to divide and their principle teacher would be Walt Disney -- sounds like a recipe for disaster (though not to them)! I am thankful they go to a great school with teachers who care. That makes a big difference in this life.
KJ -- Fifth Grade. What the heck.
Olivia -- Second Grade. Stop, time!
Daddy took them to school for their first day, as Mommy was at home with Benson. It was his first time, and I think he enjoyed it.
Dear KJ,
I don't know how you got to this late great age, but here you are.
I want you to know how much I value your tender heart and your confidence in who you are. I love that you don't feel like you have to be like everyone else -- I hope you always keep that!
Often I wish I could stop time. I wish I could hold on to that precious little boy. But I would not stop you from becoming the great man you are destined to be.
So I guess I have to let you go to fifth grade.
Although I wish you would have just decided to go back to third, like I asked!
I love you so much,
Dear Olivia,
There is a good chance that you are one of the most darling spirits ever brought into this world. Your Dad and I have it on good authority that you are pretty magical!
I wish for you that you will always be able to hold on to your sense of wonder and imagination.
I wish for you that you will hold on to your heart that is three sizes too tall!
And I hope you reach your penmanship goals this year.
Second grade is very active in my memory. May it be that active in yours.
I love you so much,
Kate the Great started preschool this year! She gets to ride the bus and everything, four days a week. I was selfishly nervous about this, as she is the pea to my pod, but she is SO READY that I can be nothing but happy for her.
Dear Katee Jill,
I want to thank you for being my BFF the last four years. 
It's been great.
Thanks for being such a good hang-out buddy and always keeping things interesting!
I will miss you while you're off adventuring, and I know this is only the beginning of things to come. But right now I will take comfort knowing how much you love your Minnie backpack and riding the bunny bus.
You're the best.
I love you so much,
Kate and her best good friend, Wandrew. They love riding the bus together. 
Honestly, thank heavens for Benson. He came at just the right time. I'm not ready to be a school empty-nester yet!
I love, love, love my kids.

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