Monday, October 27, 2014


 Before we begin, let's all just soak in this little pudding pop:
Now let's enjoy the whole show: 
I know. So delightful. So squishy. So edible, in the least creepy way possible.
Benson turned three months old yesterday. Can't believe how fast time races after the slog of pregnancy. Quite amazing. He grows like the cutest weed ever and charms everyone he sees, because he is super cute and also a very friendly little guy (unless he has an earache, of which he has had two. Two already. Mean.)! He started to laugh this week and will just knock your socks off with that one. He also is starting to get some arm control and is beginning to really like his fist. He's just a fun little guy. He makes us happy.
Here is a picture of Kate and Wandrew last week. I walked into the room and they had their arms around each others shoulders. And then she just lifted her arm and rested it on his head. It was so weird. They stayed that way for awhile, and I thought it was so funny. Odd people. This morning the Tates needed me to take their kids to school, and when they walked in the door Kate introduced Andrew at the top of her lungs "And this is my best friend, Wandrew!" Glad we have that little guy to play with. 
The Royals are playing in the World Series right now! It's way fun to be here for this. The whole city is so excited! And nervous, because it's now 3-2 for the Giants. I really want them to win. That would just be fun. I have decided the Royals are my team. Not that I follow sports, really, but everyone needs a baseball team so I've chosen mine. Even the Double B is cheering for them. It's a fun memory in the making for my kids. Our ward even had a watch party at the church for game 2! That was so fun.   
Everyone was cheering and sharing treats and the kids were running around like wild people. We didn't stay long, but it was a blast. I just couldn't NOT take my kids to a World Series party for their hometown team AT THE CHURCH! I mean, come on, people. Memories, right there. Those are the moments when I sincerely love the structure of a ward family.
We had parent teacher conference last week. The kids are doing well and we are so thankful that they have such amazing teachers in such a great school district. Katelyn is learning really well in preschool but it's a great prep for her, so I'm so happy she has it. She can almost spell her name! And is recognizing lots of letters. She gets very nervous at school, her teacher said. Tears up and freezes at new things and has a hard time joining in with the group sometimes. But she feels like Kate will work through that. Apparently Katelyn gets upset at the yelling and loud activities and noise, which is funny, because at our house, Katelyn IS the noise. Funny.
KJ has the PERFECT teacher for him. He was loving but really held KJ accountable, which I LOVED. He is a very gifted reader, but the problem is, he reads instead of doing his work or applying himself with anything that doesn't interest him as much as his book. I understand this because I DID this. Which is why I can't really divide today. His teacher really challenged him to rise above that, and I really appreciated it. KJ is such a missionary, it's amazing. When we went into the hallway to see his work on display, there was a poster he'd made all about him. And here is part of what he'd written:
So bold! I admire it so much. Kind of took me back! When I showed the Double B, his jaw dropped. I am such a sissy about sharing my beliefs, but not KJ. He is proud and unashamed, while being very respectful of others and what they believe. Love that kid. He is a great example for his Mom.
This is Olivia with her "No, David!" face. Silly girl:
Olivia is totally rocking it. Her teacher has been out for six weeks for maternity leave, and she has absolutely adored her substitute. They both raved about her. She got the highest marks, and they talked about how she is so quiet and respectful in class, but when they call on her she always knows the answer and is following what is going on, and they said she often cracks the class (and them) up with her responses. They said she is very witty and a very fun and expressive reader. I was proud of her efforts. She gave them both great big hugs at the end. Kind of melted my heart for them! She is a tender little spirit.
We are so happy to say both KJ and Olivia earned the "Principle's Award"! They were both thrilled and so are we. Well deserved, according to their teachers, and well deserved according to us, because we are their parents and therefore find them both gifted and magnificent. 
This week we are traveling home to Utah to celebrate Grandpa B's 90th birthday! We are very excited to see everyone and be there for such a wonderful celebration, but in a surprise move, we are flying instead of driving. It's probably really a blessing, because it will be such an easier travel time, especially with Benson, and miraculously, we got ridiculously cheap tickets and are flying our whole family for about $550. The trouble with this is I am terrified of flying. Legitimately very, very afraid of the very idea. So I've been sick -- like barf sick -- and fighting panic attacks for about a week now. Luckily, I had a doctors appointment already scheduled for last Friday, and Dr. Morris wrote me a prescription for Xanax to help me. I just really, really don't want to flip out in front of my kids. I need every tool in my tool belt. I'm thankful for a family willing to apply their faith and prayers to ours for my sake. It probably sounds really silly if you're unfamiliar with the whole irrational fear or panic experience. Both un-fun. I was kind of hoping to put off having to face this fear -- indefinitely, ha ha. I'm sure it will be a good experience. And if my spirit ends up leaving my body, I'd like Jon to have my Beatles CD's, Matt to have my George Bush autobiography, Nick and Sil to be burdened with all the cute tiny objects that I collect, and Trina, please go through my journals and preserve my reputation as an upstanding citizen. My parents should get my secret candy stash and everything else.
Should be good.
I am very special.
In closing, a few funny things.
I walked Kate up to the bus stop last week and gave her a hug and a kiss and said "I'll miss you when you're at school, Katee." She replied "You'll be okay, Mom. You can watch a tv show, or play with my toys, or go to Sonic again!" Ha ha. How nice of her to comfort me.
While at parent teacher, we were looking at a book Olivia made of the life cycle of the butterflies they watched from caterpillars. Hers was named "Butter the Butterfly." At the end of the book, KJ said "Wow, you must really miss Butter, Olivia." She answered "Kind of." KJ said with concern "I hope he's doing okay!" Olivia hmmed, saying matter-of-factly "Nah. He's probably dead." I laughed and laughed and laughed! She looked at me confused and said "What, Mom? The life cycle of a butterfly is very short!" Good to see she enjoyed it while it lasted. :)

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Benson is adorable! So happy I could squish his little cheeks. I love chunky babies. and he is so smiley!