Friday, December 5, 2014

Starring Olivia

Olivia had her music concert last night. She was honestly ADORABLE. My heart melted into a big fat puddle of goo. She knew every word, every action, and gave it her all. Bliss!
In other news, the Double B and I have discovered the most important thing to happen to us in recent days -- a little restaurant/ice cream joint named "Culver's." Think Dairy Queen, but better. Much, much better. And it's right in the triangle where we do most of our stuff, so I don't know how we missed it. It's like a little piece of happiness to celebrate two years of full on survival, Mid-west Style. We took the kids there last night to celebrate Liv's hard work. There was a lady there TALKING ON HER PHONE AT ABOUT THIS NOISE LEVEL.
Very interesting.
Yep! Two years! We made it two whole years.
So that's weird.
Benson and I have gotten a little more sleep the last two nights and so neither of us are looking for a step-stool to jump off of quite as much as we were. He only ate twice and I only had to get up with him five times total. Progress! As the Wonder Pet's once said "What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!" I miss the Wonder Pet's. Could be my favorite of the various children's programming I have ingested the last eleven years.
Let's do this, Benson. LET'S CONQUER SLEEP!
I think I am feeling the caps lock today. I love you, caps lock. You never let me down.
I just wanted to share these adorable, truly precious diary entries Olivia made on our airplane flight. She specifically asked for a little diary to document her feelings, and here they are. She won't mind that I shared. Prepare for your heart to melt. The end.

Dear Diary,
Tonight me and my family are going on an airplane to Utah. It's getting loud! Which means that me and my little sister Katelyn and my big brother KJ won't have school tomorrow. Which is pretty good because me and my brother don't like our schools. Because PE! Is boring!
Love, Olivia

Dear Diary,
I can not keep it a secret anymore. Ok, ok, ok I have to tell you that I have a crush on a cute boy named Ryan and he's my neighbor in my neighborhood. And I think he has a crush on me but if he does he doesn't want to show it!
Love, Olivia
PS Do not say what I just told you!

Dear Dairy,
We finally are flying. Everything is so teeny tiny. The lights are beautiful. I wish my Grandma and Grandpa were here!
Love, Olivia.

You're welcome, world! I have done you a great service bringing that girl to you.

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Ducksoup said...

Made my night. Such funny journal entries...took me back to my youth when I wrote about my crushes. So fun to read.