Monday, January 26, 2015

8 Is Great!

Olivia was baptized!
Her big day was on January 17th. My parents so graciously flew out from Utah, and Burdette and Holly came from Nebraska, so we were so lucky to have family  It was the MOST SPECIAL day! Honestly. The feelings of my heart were just so full and grateful.
Olivia is the most special girl. There is truly something radiant about her. In many ways it was a profound experience for me, because she was SO prepared. She knew and understood exactly what she was doing and deeply wanted to make that covenant with Heavenly Father. It was truly HER decision, but more then that, it was her yearning desire. That was so beautiful for me to observe!
She was so full of anticipation and jitters. She shared her day with a boy named Carter, who's family is from Missouri, so it was a full house. Watching her step into that little font with her Daddy and her big eyes observing all the people was so sweet. Grandpa and Brother Matt were her witnesses. She asked Grandma to give a prayer and Sister Bev to give the talk on baptism. We had a little luncheon afterwards and everyone had a great time.
I am so thankful for this beautiful little girl and how she fills my heart! I am so thankful to be able to teach her faith in Jesus Christ. It is one of the great honors of my life!
She is lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma and Grandpa. We had such a fun few days with them! They were so proud of her and she felt so special. She sobbed the whole way home from the airport the night they flew home!
What a great day. I am so thankful to be a Mom! I am so thankful for a personal witness that God loves His children.

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