Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adventures In B-Land

We played the game SORRY for Family Home Evening on Monday. It was our first attempt. And there were only five episodes of crying! So that worked out well! It really did crack me up (can't say the same for the Double B). Frustration over being sent back to home base was the main culprit. Katelyn made a dramatic exit to her room, but meandered back when she realized she was welcome to do that, but we were all having fun without her. All in all, it was a lot of fun, actually. I was proud of us! It's a relief to know that family time doesn't have to be perfect time. But the kids loved it so much. And since SORRY has always been one of my favorites, and I totally won (just thought I should throw that in for the record), we can call the night a success.
Olivia gave us a lesson about how to defend ourselves against the temptations of Satan. I was pretty impressed. She built a wall of blocks called the "Faith Brick Blocker" that we had to knock over with other blocks. Inventive. I remember being in the second grade and working so hard during my extra time at school on a game I invented to be played during an official Family Home Evening. It involved rolling a dice I created out of paper and a game board that led to heaven. My brothers didn't like it. So that didn't work out. Olivia's brothers liked her game, though. So she is not scarred for life the way I am.
Speaking of Olivia, she and Benson had check-ups this week. I just wanted to get a few moles checked on my little freckle face that have concerned me in my post-partum state (remember when late nights and google were not Marie's friends?). Happily, all is well and she is a healthy, precious little human that charmed everyone with her sweet manners and fancy high heels! I'm so thankful for that. She's only in the 44th percentile for height. That is pretty much shrimp-ism in our family. I'm 5'9" and come from a long line of tall women. I'm not sure she'll even get to 5'7". What is the world like if you don't have to slump your way shorter then the boys in middle school? Well. I guess I could be finding out one day.
Benson is 23 pounds and in the 90th percentile, averaging out. The doctor still chuckles at his cute head -- he really does have a big noggin. It's so cute. He's our big guy and charmed every person in the place willing to make eye contact with him. He LOVES attention and was laughing, cooing, smiling, drooling. It was a good show. And he also received many compliments on his chicken hair. He loved, loved, loved the paper on the exam table and really didn't want to show her how he can roll off his tummy (which he is usually frantic to do, he hates tummy time) because he loved it's crinkle noises so much! We got the go ahead to try fruits and veggies and he tried his first green beans mixed with cereal last night. He made a face for a minute, but then basically didn't care if it was a little different, because -- FOOD! He feels serious about dinner time. I love my kids and feel enormously blessed after every good checkup. Driving home Benson fell asleep. When I asked Liv if he was sleeping she said "Yep! Just like Grandpa, with his mouth hanging open!" Gave me a chuckle. 
Here's one of my favorite pictures... Benny B giving big sister slobbery kisses:
He LOVES to be mugged on, and will often try to attack your face with goobery lovin' when you give him kisses (which is impossible not to do). Katelyn really, honestly dislikes to be mugged on and always has (I have to really work to be allowed to kiss the top of her head at bedtime), so Benson should feel honored that she likes and encourages his kisses. It's a testament to his cuteness!
A few nights ago I made dinner for my friend and primary counselor, Laurie, as she was down and out with the flu. I tried to think of foods that are simple and palatable when nothing sounds good, so I put together sandwiches and things that go with it. I made a corn and frito salad, and while our family was eating dinner Katelyn exclaims "This stuff is HORRIBLE!" Ha ha ha! It made me laugh so much! Such is the plight of the mother. (It really wasn't horrible, for the record.) It all evens out though, because night before last she asked for something at the table and when I handed it to her, she leaned her head against my arm and whispered emphatically "Thank you. You're AWESOME!" Quite the girl. 

Love you all.

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Ducksoup said...

Kids! Sounds like things are pretty exciting in the B home. Sure loved your post and those cute pics. Love the slobbery kiss one especially. Love you rie!