Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Tradition

Valentines Day is a family day at our house! We have a tradition that on the night of February 1st I start putting little hearts on their wall after they've gone to sleep with little love notes on them. The kids are so excited to wake up in the morning and read them! 
This year I added a little scavenger hunt, since it was a Saturday. They'd read the clue, find the bag with a little surprise, and read the next clue. They thought it was great fun.  
We baked cookies in the afternoon and decorated the table, then they requested Chinese for our fancy dinner. 
It's fun to take the pressure off of finding a babysitter and instead enjoying making it special for everyone! They love their valentine treats on their plate and this year daddy  brought flowers home for the girls! They were very impressed with that. 
I love this family tradition. Something tells me they love it, too:

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