Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tiny Details

This is my favorite picture. It just cracks me up sooo much! KJ survived his first Klondike Derby! I was so worried as he was out there on his first campout ever, in the snow, sleet, freezing rain -- and as it turned out, he had a better night of sleep then I did! He had a great time, even a blast, and we were happy to see each other at the end of it. He smelled just like a boy coming home from a camp out, and it was pretty adorable. He had a nice hot shower and relaxed, and slept like a log in his own bed. I slept better that night, too, ha ha! 
Tonight we went to Priesthood Preview. How I got this grown up boy I'll never know, but I had to appreciate the special person he is as he reached out and held my hand during the meeting, while the other boys weren't even sitting by their moms. I hope I'll always remember how tender and considerate this little soul has been his whole childhood! He is a special guy. 
The other night Kate the Great wanted to run to Target with me to pick up a few things the Double B had on his honey-do list (he had a few days off this week, and it was lovely. We enjoyed quiet hours together and he cross-stitched for days, basically). It became a fun little date, because she has just been desperate to go check out the toys. She knew we weren't getting any, she just wanted to LOOK. I followed her up and down many aisles while she checked out everything to her hearts content. It was fun! She found this outfit and went running to it: "look, mom, I found this for daddy! He will look so good in it!" What a crack up. 
She has such a funny little way of speaking. She speaks like a little grown up, and talks at a very high volume for hours! She just has a lot on her mind. I can understand that! One thing she can't quite say, though, it spaghetti. She calls it "skabetti." It sounds so cute. And she loves, loves, loves to sing, especially popular music. On the way to the meeting tonight she busts out in the back seat "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh... This is gonna be the best day of my li-i-ife, my li-i-i-ife!" She loves it when that comes on the radio. Last night on the way back from the youth spaghetti dinner fundraiser she was singing 'Let It Go,' and pronounced it "a kingdom of ly-solation" instead of isolation. Melts my heart. Tonight I actually convinced her to help straighten up without any fireworks! Which was a big deal, she is stubborn as a mule and very emotional. But she did awesome! When I gave her a big hug and kiss to thank her, she told me she felt happy. Liv was proud, too. She told Kate she'd earned some "Livi Bucks!" That really caught my ear, as I didn't know Livi Bucks existed, but apparently Liv has been using them for awhile now to try to encourage good behavior! Ha ha! That girl! Those two are something else. I LOVE watching my girls have a sister. 
Here are the beautiful, heartfelt valentines Olivia made us. They are so sweet:
After reading to Benson the other day, he decided to eat the book. Since this was his first book eating, and it was really cute, I tried to get a picture. But it didn't work out. He was too distracted by the adorable baby. 
Look who is sitting up!!!
He barely, barely squeaked by as a six monther, but hey, he did it! He figured out how to balance that cute head. And did it while dad was home! So that was fun the Double B got to see it. He is quite proud of himself! I am, too. The kids were SO excited when they got home from school. They like to sit him up in the room with them, watching a show or playing. He likes it, too (for awhile, at least. Then he misses mommy. We're buds)!
I just had to slide this one in here, because it's the old smile-behind-the-binky shot that just cheers me up. 
It's never a boring hair day with Benson. 
We got snow like crazy yesterday but miraculously it melted like mad today! I'm so happy. Winter is hard for me. How I look forward to the warm, sunny days ahead! At the meeting tonight, I was struck by the good and wonderful people there, that we are so lucky to go to church and associate with. They are awesome, and I feel so blessed! But I still want to go home. I hope that doesn't make me ungrateful and I hope I don't let it stop me from enjoying the here and now! But it's true. I hope so fervently that one day the Lord let's us go home. 
In the meantime, our cup runneth over. 
I have a testimony of my Father in Heaven that burns in my heart. I have the most beautiful little family! Parents and siblings that love me. And a good and true partnership with my husband. I couldn't be more blessed! So trust God and trust in good things to come. 

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