Monday, April 6, 2015

Friends Like Family

Bev is one of Benson's favorite people in the whole world! Mine, too. He just loves to see her. He loves to snuggle right up and take a snooze when she's holding him. She and Matt informed us a couple of months ago that they've decided the British accent must be the closest accent to God's, because all babies respond to it, ha ha. They made us laugh at the time, but I'm considering there might be some truth to it! 
Life is busy, but the lunch time visits we have occasionally are some of my very favorite times in the world. Bev is a very soothing person. She's also snarky in that British way. I love her like crazy and am so thankful for her. She has literally been a lifesaver for me. I know wherever we are, we will be friends for the rest of our lives. 
We took the kids to see the new live action movie 'Cinderella,' and it was such a blast! We ALL absolutely loved the movie -- so charming and uplifting. That night we had a barbecue and played the game Hand and Foot, where the boys beat us AGAIN. So stinking lucky!
Even Benny liked the movie! He did great. 
Bev was the first person at church to come introduce herself and showed us where the kids went for Primary. That first night they had us for dinner, we agreed to be each others "family," since our own are so far away. It was just an instant bond. We are so thankful for them. Lots of good memories with this family! 
The kids all snuggled up when we were done for the night!

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