Thursday, April 9, 2015


Easter coincided with General Conference this year. Look! Our neighbor took this picture for us! 
We had our Easter egg hunt on Saturday evening -- the kids lucked out, because I had a package of eggs stuffed with candy and the Double B goes "that's not enough eggs!!!" And went to the store to buy more eggs and candy, ha ha. That's what happens when your Dad loves Easter a whole, whole lot. 
I was very impressed with how kind and considerate KJ and Olivia were. We didn't give them a set number of eggs, just asked them to help Kate and make sure she got her share, too. They had her back and would pass over eggs, and point eggs out to her. Awesome. KJ found the special egg! He was mighty proud! Olivia kept reminding him "Well, you don't have to brag about it." Which is exactly the thing a sibling has to say in these situations. 
The Easter Bunny did a good job hiding the baskets this year. Poor KJ couldn't find his behind daddy's ties and I thought he was going to have an actual coronary. Thankfully, after suggesting that hopping had been heard in the closet earlier, they gave it another try and Olivia saved the day. He was mighty relieved! 
I had decided this year I was making the fancy Easter dinner, and Sunday morning as I was putting it all together, I totally felt like my Mom (which is always a happy achievement). I was thinking about how holidays bring out one of my favorite parts of marriage -- taking the traditions you both grew up with, and combining them to create something beautiful for your own little family. 
It was a wonderful General Conference. The kids did great, and KJ even built legos and listened to the whole thing of his own free will. That made me happy. Some of my favorite talks were from Linda K. Burton, Brent H. Nielson, and Jeffrey R. Holland. I am thankful for my personal witness of a living prophet, but most importantly, I am thankful by my personal witness of a Father in Heaven that loves and cares for us, His little children. 

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