Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet Me In St. Louie

For my 32nd birthday, the Double B gave us a big surprise: a trip to St Louis!
We've been wanting to go the whole time we've been here, but life gets in the way. Plus, everyone we love is west! So that's usually the direction we go. But not this day! 
We spent the night in a hotel and then early the next morning we headed out. But not before stopping for breakfast at a McDonald's in Ferguson! Ferguson has been a main news story for months now, especially in Missouri, so it was a little exciting to be there at the scene. Especially when they got our order mixed up and the hostile lady yelled at us. Ha ha! I was so delighted. I literally proclaimed it "best birthday ever!" Right then and there.
We headed over to the arch, which was totally awesome. Katelyn saw a dog, so that was scary! But she worked through it, bless her heart, and we had a marvelous time. 
We went to the visitors center under the arch -- surprisingly tight security! -- to watch a movie about it. Benson and Kate couldn't sit through it, so I took them out, and BB and Olivia slept through it, ha ha! But KJ found it utterly fascinating, so that's great news.  
We parked right by the baseball stadium! It was beautiful, and right in the middle of downtown, so that was cool. The whole downtown area was very pretty and awesome to see. 
Plus, the Tums factory! All the Tums in the world, made right here. It even SMELLED like Tums. We seriously were pretty excited about that, since we're big fans of Tums in this family. 

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