Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen -- you are about to see the cutest picture of all time! 
Do you see? DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN!?!
Benson is a big fan of his dad. No doubt, I am the main squeeze in his life, but he is pretty much obsessed with his dad. It's actually very funny, if the Double B is anywhere near him Benson can't look at anything else... He just tracks his dad all around the room, waiting anxiously for BB to look at him so he can give Daddy great big smiles! Very charming. 
We are so proud to say Olivia earned the Character Award at school! That is so awesome. She loves her teacher so much and works so diligently to please her. She was so happy, and so are we. Liv and Kaje have both earned the Principals Award all three quarters this year. I'm grateful for their goodness. And diligence! 
I'm so happy to report that the direction the Spirit gave and is still giving for Katelyn is helping make beautiful progress! I'm so thankful for it, because it is making all the difference in the world. It is thrilling to see her confidence in herself and in her special place in our family grow. I love this little girl so, so, so much! Many less fits and many more hugs and snuggles. We are both working hard and becoming more positive and it is beautiful! I hope and pray I can continue to grow and become the Mom she needs. We were getting ready to go shopping and she wanted to take this picture to send to Grandma. It makes me smile. 

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