Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break

I love Spring Break. It's so fun to have my kids and a whole week stretching beautifully before us! 
The kids have decided it is their dream to start a YouTube channel. I have decided I am behind this. Now we just have to start one! We spent lots of time making practice videos. Here was our first rehearsal:
We also ended up at the zoo, since it was the last day of our pass. It was fun because we just took it easy, no pressure to see any particular thing. We did take in the bird show, which ended up being totally awesome! Poor Kate was very afraid before it started, so she squished onto my lap with Benson, and ended up thinking it was pretty awesome, too. I was so proud of her for being brave! You can see from her face she wasn't feeling too sure about things:
In the end, it was KJ that was ready to blow that popsicle stand! He really, really didn't like the birds flying right over his head. I thought that was the coolest part, actually! But only because I knew it was a controlled environment... Wouldn't have liked it so much out in the wild! 
We conducted a science experiment to see if we could make Benson's hair stay down. It worked after about half an hour of attending to. He was cute, but I did miss his wild do! He is lucky to have sisters to entertain him by dancing wildly, as Kate is demonstrating.  
We ended up having four extra kids a couple of the days. It was both fun and wild. My kids LOVED it, of course! We spent a lot of time outside. It was the only way! Benson thought that was just as good an idea as the big kids did. 
One of their adventures was creating the least successful lemonade stand in history. I actually pitied the handyman across the street, they were advertising so vigorously. I'm pretty sure they thought I'd cost them the sale, though, when after about half an hour of constant chanting I said they had to stop. Then they wanted to go door to door! Failed entrepreneurship at its finest. 
The highlight of the whole week was driving up to Nebraska to see Burdette and Holly. Jan and John were there and we spent the night and next day together. So, so, so fun! We love them a lot and it's a comfort to have family only 3 hours away. Plus, our kids are crazy about each other. We had a blast. Poor Benny was teething, but was a champ and we didn't let that get us down. Plus, first time in Nebraska! That's our 18th state. We're becoming adventurers in our old age! 

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