Friday, May 1, 2015

Resistance Is Futile

Business casual. Just getting ready to go putter around while our house gets shown! Sure love these two boys.  
I read a very fascinating article last night in which the author said "that which you resist, persists." Speaking of personal growth amongst other things. This idea was first introduced to me about five or so years ago, when I heard the opinion that if you don't learn from your trials, you'll just keep repeating the same trial over and over and over again, in slightly different form. That really rang a bell for me, mostly because it was entirely true in my life! So I started trying to figure out what I was supposed to learn from a particular hardship, and darned if it didn't shift and move on to something new and exciting.  
So basically, I already knew the idea was true. But reading that last night was like a neon light flashing Hey Marie This Is Real -- "that which you resist -- persists."
Let's face it, I've resisted a lot of things these last couple of years. Even though I was growing by leaps and bounds, I was still often resisting the very opportunity, or the circumstance, or the necessity of it. 
The Lord is ever patient, I know that in my heart. And He had been endlessly patient with me, helping me grow in spite of myself. But I don't want to repeat the trial, does that make sense? I don't want to resist anymore. 
So I have this opportunity to be resistance-free in Las Vegas. To be Real. To speak and act as I really am. To let people in. I desperately want to let people close to me. So as much as I appreciate Kansas City and all it represents in the story of my life, this is my official farewell. I'm shutting the door on this phase and opening it to another, hopefully better, hopefully brighter, more resistance-free experience. 

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