Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting Ready

My fabulous humans. 
It's been an interesting few days! Praying people will come look at our house. Going somewhere to loiter when they do! This has been yet another addition to the "interesting experience" arsenal, that is for sure. It is a challenge for me to not become consumed with worry about selling our house. There is a story in our family folklore that when my grandpa K.J. would become frustrated with my Grandma's antics he would say "Damn it, Iona!"  He could do that because he was crazy about her, of course. I think the Double B would like to use similar phraseology on me! We are so very different that in these stressful situations it becomes very glaringly obvious. I know that is why we married each other. We're each others best hope of becoming a whole person! 
It occurred to me that in a way, this is like the exclamation point on this whole Kansas City experience for me. I will sum up the thousand lessons I've learned in one sentence: Dear Marie, Trust the Lord and Conquer Your Fears. And I can do that. I can trust Him that He will take care of our family. I can conquer the fear I carry of the "what ifs." I can apply my faith that it will all work out. He has never left us before and He won't leave us now. 
On Sunday as I walked towards my cutie pie husband holding my cutie pie baby, I also realized something else important: we don't need a thousand people to look at our house. We only need the right people to look at it! Praying they will find us. 
My classes are being taught at the church this week and then next Wednesday is the recital! And then we pack up the truck and head west. Lots to do before then. Applying my faith!

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