Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Last night a storm system moved in that was absolutely amazing. I wish pictures could show it's scope and color. I follow the National Weather Service on Facebook, as I've become kind of a weather fan, so I knew it was coming but it wouldn't produce any tornadic conditions. They had to issue several reassurances around the area, though! Including to my husband. Because those clouds were SWIRLING. It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in the amazing Midwestern sky. They were in several layers and configurations of different dark and menacing colors, moving in all directions, so low you couldn't believe it. The sky would flash and both big and large masses would start to move down and rotate. It was absolutely incredible. I am so glad I saw it! Especially since I knew we were perfectly safe! The Double B said he couldn't imagine getting any closer to seeing the real thing, and he is right! It was right over our house giving us an amazing show. It was so beautiful. What an incredible planet. I'm glad we have that memory to take with us. 

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