Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Resting

Little by little I will record for our family history the end of our chapter in Kansas City.
I will be able to look back and reflect (although I'm pretty sure I'll be looking back and reflecting on that time for my whole life).
But tonight, I just want to say what a period of rest it has been. Here in the safety of my parents home, strengthened and rebuilt by their love and shelter, and by the companionship and friendship of our families. That first week, I was a little bit shell shocked! I couldn't even look at the pictures of our last weeks there. But already I feel a healing and a hope that the lessons learned there were gifts -- gifts we can take with us to move forward. I am thankful for this slow, peaceful time to rebuild.
I have cried actual tears! I was afraid I'd broken the ability to weep forever. But it's still in there, wanting to heal. I'm so glad.

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