Friday, June 19, 2015

Baking Like A Toasted Cheeser

Today Katelyn requested I put her hair into a ponytail. Then, after fifty pictures taken at her request, she insisted this picture needed to go on instagram. Naturally, I obliged. She was just so intent, it was cranking me up. 
I Love that child! She asks fifty million questions a day, and often difficult, universe-type questions. There is some danger here she's a genius. 
Grandpa is off on Fridays, which is Totally Awesome! He set up the pool for the kids and they spent a few hours doing canon balls, and inventing a fabulous new game where they laid back, held hands, and sang "waffle, waffle, waffle" at each other. I'll admit, it was quite unusual. Looked fun, though. At one point KJ and Liv were ruining Katelyn's "grand finale" with their canon balls, and just as they were running and jumping she yelled shrilly "NEVER!!!" Just in general protest as the tsunami washed over them all. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Ah. Parenthood. 
They are such great human beings. 
Later Bella and Bia came over, and the pool came out again! About five hours in the pool today, I'd bet. They loved every single second! Papa is a very dedicated fellow. 
Benson is so crazy about Bia. Every time he sees her he just flips out, smiling, squealing, pumping his arms and legs. And usually trying to pull a little Helen Keller on her, reaching to explore her face. He loves noses, eyes, mouths, ears. Anything he thinks he can explore! He is such a happy, loving little guy. Bia is so darn cute. LOVE getting to know this serious and sweet little niece of mine. I think they'll be awesome FC's.
It was so cute when Benson realized I was going to take this picture with grandma, he snuggled right into her and smiled so happy. Melted my heart! 
It means so much that they can now be a part of his life as he grows and changes so quickly right now! I'm so excited to have their support so close again!
We finally closed on our house on Monday. It is sold. I was so happy but also a little melancholy -- that was our home and there was so much love there! We grew so much there and had many good times. It was a beautiful home and I'm happy we got to love it and so very, very thankful it sold so fast and all went smoothly. 
Now we start aggressively looking for our new home. Renting again for awhile but looking forward to a new place to call our own!
So thankful to my parents for their graciousness to us and so thankful for this season of rest.

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