Friday, June 26, 2015


Saw this gem of a picture today at Mom B's. That Double B McButter Pants gave Benson the exact same hair and much of his cuteness. 
I guess my suspicions could come to fruition and my tiny Double B could grow up and have his dad's black hair. Time will tell. Either way, that is one cute family. 
In national history, today the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nation wide. That makes me pretty sad... because as a history student, the overriding of states rights scares me. We have a carefully constructed government. It hangs on its ability to check and balance itself. 
In family history, today we went to an awesome trampoline place with Sil and her girls. The kids LOVED it, it was awesome! Olivia found several ways to injure herself but she was a champ. She has some serious circus basketball skills! They were all sweaty and tired, but we had fun. Costco, sweltering in 111 degree heat, a fun visit with the grandparents B and cousins, and lemons to top it off. Can't complain about that. 

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