Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust

It was a great day today. We met Aunt Trina and her kids at the park for a picnic and my dear friend Jodi just happened to be there. We had a lovely visit! Kate took the two pictures on the right while puttering around:
Then tonight we went to see the new Pixar movie "Inside Out." It was darling. I seriously did laugh and cry. In fact, I ba-hewd! Something about that imaginary friend helping Joy just caused a small eruption inside myself! I love every time I cry now. Sounds funny, I know, but it is such a release valve... I have really missed the ability to weep. Every time it comes now it's just a huge relief! I'm not broken -- Hurray! 
At the park we talked about being "nice" women, and how important it is to be able to actually say what you mean. To be kind but to be forthright. I realized a while ago I'd smothered that inside myself, and really, by not saying what I really meant or thought it was just a form of lying. It is hard for me to feel comfortable sharing, but I am determined to be that kind of disciple! Loving and kind, but totally forthright and without guile. Life goal. I know it will make me a better wife, mother, and friend! 
It is funny, because on the way home I got feeling weirdly guilty. Like, how dare I share my opinion to my friends? See, I have work to do. But I have the desire to DO the work, and that makes me happy.  
Forward and not backwards. 

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