Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Katelyn the Greatlyn turned 5.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen. This girl is 5.
How I love my little Captain Insane-O-Pants. She is a profound joy to me, and also the kid that gives me the best run for my money. She is so smart and an incredibly deep thinker. She asks hard questions. She is headstrong and relentless. She is funny and creative and deeply sensitive. 
To celebrate I took her and KJ and Liv to see the movie Minions last night (including Minion happy meals, naturally) and we had a blast. Even got a free birthday cupcake, which she graciously shared! 
Then today she came with me to pick out donuts for breakfast, opened presents (she kept saying how much she loved her surprises), lunch at Dairy Queen and a family birthday party at the park with grandparents, cousins, and even Aunt Sil's uncle, aunt and cousin Bia from Brazil, who so kindly gave her a very sweet stuffed animal that she adores. 
My favorite quote of the day? "You can't be mad at me! It's my birthday!" And she's right, too. When I asked her if she liked her birthday party she said she loved it and loved the whole day. Her eyes were so happy, and my heart was so full. 
The only sad thing was going to bed: "But it won't be my birthday tomorrow and I'll be sad!" Ha Ha. I get it, Katee. I love birthdays so very much. I love your birthday and I love you. 

Dearest Grown-Up Katelyn, 
I know the years will fly by. So I want you to know that now, then, and always -- I love you with my whole mother heart! You are so good and such an individual (which you know I love). You are the perfect daughter for me! I am so thankful for your life and your lion heart. I know you will always bring me great joy and laughter and always keep me on my toes, for which I am forever grateful. I love you so much. You were the cutest little five-year-old ever!
Your Friend, 

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