Friday, July 17, 2015

Ma Ma

Laying awake while my right hip and knee throb away. I'm such an old lady it's adorable.
Speaking of adorable -- this guy! 
Benson now makes the "ma" sound. He can't always quite get it, he'll look at you and smack his lips to impersonate you, but every now and then out it comes. So cute. He is also incorporating a face-plant-and-slide scoot thing with his usual ninja rolls and is becoming quite a menace when it comes to getting where he should not be! He also is the ultimate vacuum cleaner -- and thinks it's hilarious to not let you get the offending thing out of his mouth -- clenched teeth, shaking his head, pushing it to the other side. What a character! Then giggling through the whole thing! Love that precious boy. He is teething and doesn't feel good, but he still just keeps being adorable. What a good sport! So lucky he is ours.

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