Monday, August 24, 2015

New State, New Schools

The day finally arrived! The kids have been SO EXCITED!!! And nervous and anxious and everything in between. But it got here. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, my 6th Grader 
Middle School. Sheesh! I'll admit I've been dreading the very idea of middle school for some time. Here is my little boy. My precious, tender, sweet, innocent little boy. And I have to send him off with "THOSE" people. And I know perfectly well who those people are -- I was in middle school once! But you know what? He's going to be okay. In fact, he'll do great. I asked him if he wanted me to drop him off or walk him in. He asked me to walk in with him (don't worry, there were other parents! I checked!). On the way I asked him if he was nervous or excited. He said "I'm both! I'm ner-cited. Excit-ous." Ha ha! He cracks me up! He took a big breath when we walked in to fifty million big kids, but got him to his classroom and he was fine.
After school he looked good. He couldn't figure out how to open his locker (I remember that!), so we went back in and I helped him figure it out. He said it was a good day. He liked his teachers, made it into strings, and even had a teacher that loves BYU! He said "Mom, I haven't made any friends yet." He didn't dare talk to anyone at lunch. I assured him that will come. He said it was funny, everybody sits a seat away from each other at first, then those seats get filled. 
Too bad, in some ways, we can't stay like elementary school, where you don't have to be cool and can become instant bffs! As I was leaving him this morning, I was thinking about the incredible diversity at his school. Every color and shape in the rainbow. That's a gift. It was a good day and I'm thankful for that. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, my 3rd grader 
When I got up at six this morning, the girls were dressed in their school clothes and ready to go! They just could not wait! Olivia did really well until we were trying to find the line I was supposed to leave her in. It was so chaotic and hot outside and pretty overwhelming. I felt so bad leaving her there, but I had to drop katelyn off at the other end of the school. Next year I'll make sure the Double B has the day off so we can tag team it. She was very brave, though, and when I saw her this afternoon she gave me a flying hug! She said school was AMAZING!!! She loves her teacher! She made a ton of friends! Everyone is so nice! She ate her fruits and veggies in her lunch first! She has gym two days in a row! She can't WAIT to come back tomorrow! I'm so thankful things went so beautifully for her. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kate the Great, Kindergarten Baby
No one could have been more excited then Katelyn. She was so, so excited! But things did get pretty scary in the mass confusion of the drop off this morning, and it was so scary to follow her teacher, and let go of mom's hand and go into her classroom. But she did it! And I was so proud. It's just hard to leave your little ones so unsure, but I knew she'd be fine. And she WAS! She told me "at first I was just so worried about you! But then I wasn't so worried anymore." When I picked get up she was on cloud nine. School was GREAT! She loved it! She loves going to school! She loves going aaaaalllll day. She loved eating her big kid lunch. She loved going to P.E. Her teacher is so nice. She made lots of friends! She got a green card for being a giraffe champion! Basically, it was the best day ever. I'm so so so glad. Love this sensitive little soul. 

Here are my girls, off to face the world an hour after brother. The sun was bright. It made Katelyn feel pretty mad, because her eyes were WATERING. Sheesh, Mom! 
When Benson and I finally got home, I pulled him out of his carseat and chatted away about how quiet our day was going to be, got to the door and thought "wait a minute. It's our first day, too." I pulled out the camera. He looked at me, I looked at him, then we got it. Both happy and content our buddies were off to learn and grow. He went down for a nap, I climbed back in bed with my little migraine hangover, and it was so, so, so quiet. The quiet reached way down deep. My children were well cared for. I felt at peace. 
P.S. How about that little haircut Benson is rocking? Pretty much ripped my heart out with a spoon! Who is that big boy!?

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Ducksoup said...

Best post rie! Great idea to do a selfie of you and your little guy. Still haven't cut eastons hair. Soon I will get brave like you. Glad your kiddos survived their new school and did so well.