Friday, September 11, 2015

10 Green Cards

Katelyn earned this owl for getting 10 green cards for great behavior at school. If you don't think that is the most exciting thing to happen to us ever, you are sorely mistaken. 
She was so excited, she crossed through the gate to the kindergarten playground by HERSELF! First time ever. First time without tears and hyperventilating. So pretty giant deal. This morning she did it AGAIN! She asked me what Olivia and I would do if she went in by herself and I told her we'd probably cheer and go crazy. I was holding her hand and could feel her psyching herself up the whole way to the gate. When we got there she froze -- huffed and puffed for a minute -- and then jumped through the gate! She turned to us with a huge smile, yelled "I did it!" And we cheered like crazy. Then a little girl goes "Hi, Katelyn!" And off they went. Olivia had four big "Hi, Olivia!'s" and an invitation to a birthday party by the time we got to her drop off at the playground. I felt like I was walking with the cool kids! 
Actually, I felt so blessed. Our kids are just doing incredibly well at their new schools, each happy and making friends. Quite amazing little adaptors. 
We had such a great weekend with family. Our niece Stacia was baptized and our niece Bianca had her first birthday party, plus peach days in between! We basically went from one party to another, and got to spend lots of happy time with all our cousins and family. Very epic. 
The Double B is off today so we had our little lunch date and have just enjoyed each others company. We're lucky to like each other like we do. 

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